Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas Traditions in Norway

Last month I published a post about the best Christmas markets in Norway. I had such a good response to the article (66 interactions on Facebook!) that I feel compelled to write more about the festive traditions in this part of the world.

Most people outside of Norway think Christmas time here must be really magical, snow everywhere, colourful lights, reindeer strolling along the streets, and of course, Lapland is the home of Santa Claus, right?

The reality, as you shouldn’t be surprised to learn, is quite different! Here are just some of the Norwegian Christmas traditions I’ve learned about over the last three years.

Ah, the good old fashioned Christmas party! Every company, school, sports club and social group hold their own julebord (literally Christmas table) and partners are usually welcome, meaning most Norwegians will attend at least two, possibly many more, during December.

These communal gatherings are an important part of Norwegian culture and traditional food is often served. Large amounts of alcohol are consumed and normally followed up with a late-night party (with the exception of school julebords of course!)

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