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The Best Time to Visit Norway

Many travelers who are considering going to Norway often wonder when the best time to go is. Usually, people love going when summer first starts – June through July. This is because they are able to catch the Midnight Sun in addition to the warm weather, which allows them to do many of the things that they desire. If you are planning to come to Norway during the summer months, be prepared to be sharing sights and attractions with many other tourists.

The Best Time to Visit Norway

Avoiding Tourists

If you want to avoid the high travel season, it is suggested that you book your trip for May and September. This is when you get the best rates and the weather is still good enough to allow you to explore attractions and outdoor activities comfortably.

The Best Time to Visit Norway

Quiet Season

If you want to go when the least amount of tourists are in town, you should book your trip in October. This will also allow you to save the most money and you will miss ski season in addition to finding that it is colder, which means outdoor attractions are probably going to be closed.

The Best Time to Visit Norway

The Slowest Season

Before May and after September are the slowest travel seasons in Norway. You will be able to find some steals when booking flights and hotels too. You will miss the outdoor activities; however, you can see the Northern Lights. Additionally, you might want to avoid the Christmas Travel Time and Polar Nights because things tend to be busier for those periods.

January and February are the darkest and coldest months. Therefore, if you were hoping to ski it is ideal to book your trip for March.

The Best Time to Visit Norway

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