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Norwegian Jewel: the Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord is known as the jewel of the Norwegian fjords. With its distinctive S-shape, powerful waterfalls, snow-covered mountain peaks and abandoned mountain farms, the fjord landscape is included into UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. 

the Geirangerfjord, Norway

Length: 15 km 
Depth: more than 250 meters 
The Geirangerfjord is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site The West Norwegian Fjords.


Fjord cruises and boat tours 

Treat yourself with a boat tour around the fjord. Enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls like Brudesløret (the Bridal Veil) and De syv søstrene (the Seven Sisters); go sightseeing on a cruise boat M/S Geirangerfjord Sightseeing; or take the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt or Valldal. 

Ørnevegen (the Eagle Road) 

Ørnevegen is the steepest part of the serpentine road from Geiranger to Fidsdal (rv. 63). It consists of 11 sharp bends stretching up from the Geirangerfjord to the highest mountain point – 620 meters above sea level. From the Ørnevegen sightseeing platform, you can take incredibly beautiful photos of the fjord, the Seven Sisters waterfall and the alpine farm of Knivsflå. 

the Eagle Road, Norway

Dalsnibba and Flydalsjuvet 

Continue discovering amazing sightseeing points and visit Dalsnibba (1500 meters above sea level) and Flydalsjuvet. Submerge into the unspoiled nature, clear fresh air and unforgettable panoramas! 

Geiranger Fjord Centre 

Visit the Geiranger Fjord Centre that offers a unique opportunity to be acquainted with the history of the region, its welcoming people and beautiful nature. 

Geiranger Fjord Centre, Norway


The Herdalssetra Mountain Farm 

Attend the bucolic summer farm where you will be able to see the process of making cheese and caramel of goat milk. Of course, you will meet many animals there – goats, cows, sheep. Pass several hours of your Norway journey in a country idyll. 

Trollstigen Mountain Road 

This picturesque road seems to be created purposefully for hiking. Around the mountain road, you will see high peaks yearning into the skies. 

Trollstigen Mountain Road


If you are a sport fan, the Geirangerfjord is a great place for you. You can ski there the whole year round! 

In winter, ski from a 1500-meter summit down to the fjord and enjoy superior quality of Stranda Ski Centre

Skiing in Norway

In summer, go skiing to the Tystigbreen Glacier beside the picturesque Strynefjell Road. Popular Stryn Summer Ski Centre opens at the end of May – beginning of June, depending on the thickness of snow cover. The Summer Ski Centre is situated 50 km from Geiranger. 

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