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Whale Safari in Norway

Whales spark emotions in just about everyone. Calm and massive giants, they are an embodiment for our planet's fragile ecological balance. 

Killer whale, Norway

The Norwegian coast is rich in plankton that attracts a lot of small fish – and whales. In the northern coast of Norway, not far from the Lofoten islands, you may find Greenland whales, sperm whales, humpback whales, Nordcaper whales, blue whales, finback whales, and killer whales. In winter, if you are lucky, you may see a whale even from the shore. 

The town of Andenes situated at the Vesterålen archipelago is one of the most popular whale tours’ points. Similar excursions start from Tromsø, Sommarøy and Stø. The season usually lasts from the middle of May to the middle of September. Some companies organize winter tours on demand. 

Andenes, Norway

Usually tourists are guaranteed to see whales: if you do not see one, you can go tomorrow again free of charge. However, chances seeing at least two other whales are high, as the safaris are arranged in an areas known as the whales' lavish food chambers. Here thousands of whales come to feed on squid and fish. 

The search is carried out with a sonar – a device that catches whales’ “talks” in ultra-sonic range. Moreover, whale safari offers wonderful views, fresh sea air and unforgettable natural beauty. 

Adult humpback whale, Norway

More often tourists see sperm whales. The sperm whales hold the world record among the earth’s mammals in diving. They can dive down as deep as 3,000 meters, so it is unlikely you will be seeing the same whale twice on the same trip. 

Companies that Organize Whale Safari 

Whalesafari Ltd.: mid-May to mid-September. Winter season November to March, with full whale guarantee. 
Sea Safari Andenes: mid-May to mid-September. Before 20 May on request. 
Arctic Whale Tours: 25 May until 1 September. 

Do not forget to book in advance. Cancellations may occur, so you should not stake everything on one single day. Put on warm clothing and footwear – and be ready to get excited. 
It can be wise to take a seasickness tablet before departure. Really, really wise! 

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