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Bodø's Attractions

The town of Bodø is situated on a peninsula on a picturesque coast in Northern Norway. 

The town of Bodø, Norway


Visit museums of Bodø and get to know better the exciting history of the city. Norwegian Aviation Museum displays famous Spitfire, the Twin Otter and the U-2 spy plane. The Nordland Museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Bodø (built in 1903). The museum covers the history of Bodø from 1816 and up until the present day. 


Bodø Cathedral, also called Nordland Cathedral, is famous for a 12-meter high window of stained glass, 10 renowned tapestries from Nordland and rose window that decorates the beautiful interior. The cathedral is built as a basilica in the Gothic style. 

Bodø Cathedral


Kjerringøy is a village situated in a scenic coastal-alpine area protected from the ocean winds by a ridge of rocks and small islands. This compact landscape varies from sheer cliffs to sunlit beaches, from the historical Kjerringøy Trading Post to busy modern farming communities.


Saltstraumen, the world's strongest maelstrom, is located just 33 km from Bodø. Every six hours 400 million cubic meters of water reach the speed of 20 knots (37 km) and rush through the 150-meter wide and 3-km long sound connecting the Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord. The streams form whirlpools up to 10 meters in diameter and 4-5 meters in depth. 

Bodø's Attractions

Saltstraumen is abundant of fish, including cod, pollack, lancet fish and halibut. If you want to go fishing, you may rent equipment for fishing from the shore, or you can fish from a boat. 


Misvær and Skjerstad are two village in Nordland County, Norway. Here, surrounded by the unspoiled nature, you will find exciting culture adventures. Enjoy the silence while sitting on the frozen lake fishing for trout or go dog sledging in the wilderness. You can also visit the herb garden at Misvær and drink locally produced herbal tea. 

Misvær, Northern Norway


Take part in a round trip onboard of a fast passenger boat and you will be able to see the life of small fishing villages of Sørlandego, Bliksvær, Helligvær, Givær, Fleinvær and the Arnøyene islands whose life fully depends on the sea. Væran offers fantastic fishing, and if you are lucky you can see a sea eagle. There are daily express boats to many of the islands and fishing villages. 


Bodø has the biggest population of white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) in the world. You are almost guaranteed to see them there all year round. Every day these huge birds hover high in the skies above the town or perch on rocks on the islands near Bodø. 

Sea eagles, Bodø


The sun never sets in summer, and you have a wonderful chance to walk barefoot along the white beaches and warm rocks just outside Bodø. You can admire the midnight sun from Mount Rønvikfjellet, or observe its golden disk just above the horizon from the legendary beach at Mjelle. The island of Landegode is another good spot to admire this outstanding natural phenomenon. 

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