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Restaurants in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim

Fishing is an inseparable part of Norwegian culture. That is why Norwegian cuisine is famous for its fish specials. But do not forget about delicious dishes made of the highest quality meat. 

Seafood Norway

Each city has its unique features revealing in their cuisine and inimitable atmosphere of restaurants. 


Oslo is a true heaven for gourmets. There, new restaurants open constantly, and you will be offered delicious meals from all corners of the world. 

Norwegian Cuisine 

In Oslo, many of top restaurants offer traditional Norwegian dishes – seasonal elk meat and venison, as well as a local fish delicacy called lutefisk. The latter is made of dried/salted whitefish and lye. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer traditional dishes for reasonable prices. 


Norway is famous for its seafood. Best restaurants where you can taste dishes of Norwegian seafood are situated in Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. Do not miss the opportunity to taste traditionally cooked salmon, trout, cod, shrimp, mussel and scallops.

Salmon Norway

For Gourmets 

All Norway Michelin-starred restaurants are located in Oslo. Their chefs a real world stars that willingly offer you the finest examples of French, Norwegian and Asian food. 

Budget Meals 

Many restaurants with tasty and affordable meals can be found in Grønland, Grünerløkka and the area around Youngstorget.

Dessert Norway

International Cuisine 

Sushi, burgers and pizza are everywhere in Oslo. Moreover, the capital offers plenty of great Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants. 

Cafes and Bakeries 

Oslo cafeteria usually serves open sandwiches for breakfast and lunch; however, you can get a healthy salad or a tasty hotdog practically everywhere. Sweet pastry called "boller" is a perfect snack!

A Cup of Coffee 

Locals adore coffee. Coffee bars can be found in almost every street corner. Oslo's baristas legitimately boast their coffee of extraordinarily high quality. By the way, Norway is second after Finland in coffee consumption per capita. 

Coffee Oslo Norway


In Bergen, you may find everything: from tea rooms to elegant fish restaurants, from small bistros to discos, bars and night clubs. If you ask a local where to go, they would probably recommend you one of traditional beerhouses, or a bistro, hidden among streets and lanes, which you would not be able to find without help. 

Bergen Cuisine 

Traditional Bergen dishes include fish soup, smoked and canned salmon, fresh fish (like lancet fish or allmouth), herring, as well as fowl and venison. Try sweet brown roll skillingsbolle, a fish cake (fiskekake) or freshly cooked shrimps just from the famous Fish Market. 

Fish Market Bergen


Trondheim hosts many restaurants, pubs and bars. Most of them are located in the city center, in Bakklandet and Solsiden. 

There is a hotel that was awarded first place in an annual competition of best breakfasts in Norway six times in a row. You will also find several first-class restaurants, like Credo, Brasseri Bakklandet, Havfruen and To Rom & Kjøkken

Restaurant Trondheim

Taking into account the size of Trondheim, you may find virtually every type of cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs: expensive and budget, solid family dinners and fast-food, everyone will find food and drink to suit their budget, appetite or style. 

Some restaurants serve exclusively traditional Norwegian dishes cooked of local seafood, while others offer tasty dainties from all over the world. Most of the restaurants are located in the city Centre or in Solsiden, east of the Nidelva River. 

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