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Freshwater Fishing in Norway

Giant fish, enchanting landscapes and excellent facilities. If you like fishing, Norway is an optimal place for you! 

Fishing in the fiord, Gratangen, Norway

Norway offers plenty of deep lakes, wide rivers and transparent streams abundant of fish. Just a few euros – and you can explore endless opportunities of Norwegian the fishing. 


The fishing season varies from region to region, but usually it starts in May. Try fishing in September and October, before the mountain lakes freeze over. 


Brown trout is distributed widely in Norway, as well as salmon, grayling, powan and Arctic char. In cold water of lakes you can catch pike. 

Fishing in Norway


It is worth noting the upper reaches of the Glomma and, of course, Hemsedal Valley with Hemsila River and its tributaries where you can catch trout. 

Gjøvik region, located in just 90 km from Oslo, hosts many lakes and rivers of all sizes, including famous Lake Mjøsa. 

Lake Mjøsa, Norway

Trøndelag, in Central Norway, is a region with thousands of lakes, rivers and streams, and seven national parks, and offers endless possibilities to fish amongst rugged mountain terrain, or grayling, trout, pike in forested valleys. 

Northern Norway is famous for cod and salmon fishing, but the rivers and lakes of Troms and Finnmark are full of exciting surprises! 


You need to buy a municipal or a state license for a freshwater fishing – depending on the type of fish. Sometimes you will need a license from a fishing rights' holder. Licenses are usually not very expensive and permit fishing in a specified area for a specified period. You may buy them in local sport shops, kiosks or from fishing guides. Remember that it is prohibited in Norway to catch eels.


The weather in Norway changes fast, that is why do not forget to check a weather forecast on the eve! In any case, several layers of clothes (following the example of joggers or alpinists) is the best solution, with the lightweight waterproof parka uppermost. 

Inform someone about where you are going and when you plan to return – especially if you are going fishing in a far-away mountain lake. 

Fishing boat, Norway

On many rivers, it is possible to fish only in life-jacket. The streams of large salmon rivers are very fast, so do not forget to put it on when you enter the river or fish onboard. 

Wear shoes with anti-perforation inner sole, but disinfect them before entering the water. The experts recommend waders that are quite steady in fast streams. 

There are a many boat rentals in Norway, but make sure that you know how to navigate it – and do not forget about a life jacket. 

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