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Money-Saving Travel: Buses in Norway

Bus travel is usually a lot cheaper than travelling by plane or train. It allows you to sit comfortably and watch the luring landscapes through the window. 

Bridge, Norway

Express buses are usually an underestimated way of travelling in Norway, which is a pity because they offer a wide network of routes, for example in Fjord Norway. They link all the major cities, airports and ferry terminals. Many of the buses offer wireless Internet connection and air-conditioning. 

If you are travelling in a large group, book your ticket well in advance. Usually there is no problem bringing bikes and skis with you, as long as you pay for their transportation. 

There are several bus companies that offer inter-city bus travel in most parts of Norway. The largest ones are Nor-way Bussekspressen and Nettbuss



Oslo, Bergen

Line F1, F3, and F4 have frequent departures to and from Oslo Airport (OSL). 
Line F11 running to and from both Oslo Airport and Moss Airport (RYG). 


Line 130 runs between Trysil – Elverum – Oslo Airport – Oslo Bus Terminal. 


Line 141 runs the stretch between Oslo – Dovre – Trondheim. 
Line 191 runs the stretch between Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger. 


Roads, Norway

Line 160 runs between Oslo – Fagernes – Årdalstangen. 
Line 161 runs between Oslo – Fagernes – Beitostølen (and continues to Gjendesheim in the summer period).


Line 162 runs the stretch between Lillehammer – Fagernes – Lærdal – Flåm – Voss – Bergen. 


Line 180 runs between Oslo – Åmot - Haugesund/Bergen (there is correspondence in Seljestad with the local bus line 930 between Seljestad – Odda – Bergen). 


Line 182 Seljord – Bø – Ulefoss – Skien – Porsgrunn – Larvik – Sandefjord – Torp – Tønsberg. 


Line 185 runs between (Oslo – Notodden TE1) Porsgrunn – Skien – Notodden – Rjukan.


Line 192 runs between Oslo – Drammen – Fokserød – Tangen/Kragerø – Vinterkjær – Harebakken – Grimstad – Kristiansand. Grenlandsekspressen 
Line 194 runs between Oslo – Drammen – Sundbyfoss – Siljan – Skien – Porsgrunn.

Travelling by bus

Linje 221 Setesdalsekspressen runs the stretch between Kristiansand – Evje – Byglandsfjord –Valle – Bykle – Hovden – Haukeligrend. 

Sør-Vest Ekspressen 

Line 300 runs between Stavanger – Flekkefjord – Kristiansand. Kystbussen.
Line 400 runs between Stavanger – Haugesund – Stord – Bergen. 


Fjordekspressen is divided into two bus lines that takes you on different routes from Bergen at one end to Ålesund and Trondheim at the other end. 


Line 450 runs between Sogndal – Lærdal – Aurland – Gudvangen –- Voss – Vaksdal – Bergen Trønderekspressen.
Line 670 (Leka / Rørvik –) Namsos – Trondheim. 


Line 820 runs between Oslo – Göteborg – Malmö – København. 
Line 888 runs between Oslo – Karlstad – Örebro – Stockholm. 



NX14 Stavern – Larvik – Sandefjord – Oslo. 
NX123 Elverum – Oslo (Elverumekspressen) 
NX145 Fosnavåg – Volda – Stryn – Otta – Gardermoen – Oslo (Møre-ekspressen) 
NX147 Måløy – Nordfjordeid – Stryn – Otta – Gardermoen – Oslo (Nordfjordekspressen) 
NX155 Ålesund – Molde – Surnadal – Trondheim (Mørelinjen) 
NX170 Førde – Skei – Sogndal – Gol – Drammen/HønefossGardermoen/ – Oslo (Sogn og Fjordane Ekspressen) 
NX175 Geilo – Gol – Drammen – Oslo (Hallingbussen) 
NX190 Kristiansand – Drammen – Oslo (Sørlandsekspressen)

Bus, view

The ticket prices for both bus operators vary depending on what day you wish to travel. Weekends are typically more expensive. Certain departure times are more popular – and therefore cost more. 

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