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Norway: 15 days in July

We visited Norway for the first time in 2009. We fell in love with the country, however rushed too much and decided to return there on camper. Our dream came true only in 2013. We developed a route; I read a lot of forums and blogs and want to thank everyone for the insights! 

Norway: 15 days in July

DAY 1 

We arrived at Oslo (Gardermoen) in the evening, got our luggage and went to Park Inn Oslo Airport Hotel. The hotel is great and conveniently located. 

DAY 2 

In the morning at 8.30 sharp, a representative of the rental picked us up and we went to the rental station. After a briefing and some paperwork, we took off. The first stop – a supermarket where we bought food. Road 7 through Hardangervidda. We saw a stave church at Torpo. There was a new one next to the old. 

Torpo stavkirke

We left our stone pyramid next to a lake. That day we did not reach camping and stopped at 7.30 pm at Hardangervidda plateau. The temperature was 7 degrees Celcius. 


The morning was foggy, and we had to cut our walking around Sysendam. We failed to see Voringfossen. We decided to wait for the weather at Sæbø camping. The camping was situated in a quiet beautiful place between high mountains on the benches of lake Eidfjord. By the evening, the weather got better and we walked a bit. 

DAY 4 

Despite the clouds, we took off at 9.30 to the Kjeåsen farm. Made photos of Eidfjord. 

Eidfjord, Norway

Walked along Husedalen. We continued to drive Road 13 along Sorfjord. Fruit gardens were amazing. We walked along the quay of Ullensvang: ate ice cream, went shopping to Bunnpris. We stopped for a night at Lofthus camping. 


The morning was wonderful. We planned to see Hardager fruktisti turkart. We left the camper and went for a walk, saw famous Ullenswang hotel

After noon, we continued our way along Road 13 to Odda. Stopped there and walked a bit. Had difficulties with finding a place to park at the track to Buerbreen. 


After the first rope climb, I stayed and my husband continued alone. I watched at the glacier and the waterfall through my video camera. My husband returned in an hour and we went back to the camper. Night at Odda camping. 


We started at 10.00, in an hour reached Låtefossen. Enjoyed the view on Espelandsfossen. We went again in the direction of Odda but passed it by and took Road 550. The rain did not stop. We entered Hardangerfjord and moved to Jondal, to the ferry. 

After the ferry, we went to see Steinsdalsfossen – one of several waterfalls behind which one can walk. It was still raining and I planned grilled meat for dinner. We were lucky to find a parking with a roof! Night at Espelands camping. Before sleep, we went to the waterfall with the same name that we saw in the morning!  

DAY 7 

Morning. We reached Voss, bought some souvenirs and berries. Next point – Tvindefossen. It was raining and we waited in the camper for the sun to see the Nærøyfjord. And succeeded! 

Nærøyfjord, Norway

We went down the 1.5 km of the serpentine road Stalheimskleivi with 13 sharp turns, slope of 18 degrees. We reached Stalheim waterfall. We went along Nærøyfjord. Found a nice stop and relaxed. We spend a night there. 


We took off early and had breakfast at Flåm. Saw a cruise liner. A walk to Flåmdalen: partly by camper and 5 km here and back on foot. We returned to Flåm, went to souvenir shops. Finally, the sun appeared, and we went to Aurlandsfjellet. 


Made a stop at Stegastein viewpoint. By the evening, we got to Lærdal. Stopped at a camping where we dine under birch-trees. 

DAY 9 

We had breakfast and went to Lærdal. Afterwards we set off to Øvre Årdal, at Utladalen to be more specific. Saw fantastic Vettisfossen, and returned to the camper under rain. The walk was not easy – 5,5 hours, 15.5 km. 


DAY 10

Breakfast and a ferry. We drank coffee with pastry and went to Nigardsbreen glacier. 1,5 hours one way. The weather was sunny, and gave us forces. Go up to Lake Styggevatnet. It was frozen. The views were amazing. Dinner at Sandvik camping. 

DAY 11

We moved up the Road 55 to Sognefjelle. The weather was bad but we still went to Lom. The temperature was 14 degrees Celcius. 


We went along the Lustrafjord, enjoyed Feigumfossen. We had dinner with a view to fog-covered peaks. In Lom, we visited stavkyrkje. Night at a small cozy camping Oyberg Seter under Grotli. 

DAY 12 

It rained again. Saw the aircraft. We took Road 15 in the direction of Geirangerfjord. Because of the weather, we missed Dalsnibba for the second time! Finally, here is Geirangerfjord. Incredible! 


We went to a camping, parked and enjoyed ourselves. It was raining, so we stayed in the camper and just relaxed. 

DAY 13

The rain stopped, and we had breakfast on the coast. Going to Ørnevegen. A short walk (2,5 km). Continued our trip by Road 63. Finally, strawberry plantations! We bought some strawberries in Valdal. 

Strawberries, Norway

Admired waterfalls. Went up to Trollstigen (a bit worrisome to do this by camper, but everything was ok). Went down to a camping. We felt a bit sad because tomorrow we would start our way back. 

DAY 14

A sunny day. The third or the fourth sunny day for the whole trip! Stopped in a souvenir shop at Trollveggen. Went to Stellafossen. Night at a camping under Lillehammer

Lillehammer, Norway

DAY 15 

We arrived at the rental station. Transfer to the airport. 

Conclusion: the travel by camper offers comfort and freedom. It has its negative minutiae, but they are insignificant. Next year we booked a camper to travel in the Alps (but it is another story). We had no problems with electricity, the water tank or the toilet (just do not forget about rubber gloves). No problems on the roads also.

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