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Ålesund: the Norwegian Venice

Ålesund enchants you from the first minutes you get into the town. Fresh sea air, picturesque architecture and memorable silvery roofs add bright colors to the town’s landscape.  

Alesund, More og Romsdal, Norway

Many Norwegians consider Ålesund the most beautiful town of Norway and call it “the Norwegian Venice”. 


Ålesund is situated in the western part of Norway, in Møre og Romsdal county, between majestic Hjørundfjord and fabulous Geirangerfjord

Norway, Alesund, landscape with fjord

It is located on the archipelago, with housing estates, administrative and industrial buildings standing on several islands. 


Ålesund is characterized by a temperate maritime climate softened by the Gulfstream. Even in January, the temperature seldom goes down below zero. It may snow but not as abundantly as in the Northern Norway. The lowest temperature recorded in the town is –11 degrees Celsius. Summers are quite moderate; however, the temperature is usually higher +20 degrees Celsius. Rains are short and quite rare. 


Ålesund is famous for its extraordinary architecture. Almost all buildings are designed in the Art Nouveau style. In January 1904, the fire destroyed all wooden buildings in the town. Thus, thousands of people found themselves without shelter (and only one died). Young architects who were in charge of rebuilding the town created the new look of Ålesund in the accordance with a fashionable for the beginning of the 20th century Art Nouveau style. 

The majority of the town are stone neo-Classical and neo-Gothic buildings, with multiple towers, coats of arms and simple but original bas-reliefs. 


Join the Town Train on a guided tour throughout Ålesund's town center. The trip starts at Dronning Sonjasplass (Queen Sonja's square) and goes alongside the city strait. It passes Arbeideren (The Worker) which is the old community house in Ålesund, and the Countyhall. The tour continues into Borgundveien, the longest street in the town. Further, it drives alongside the Borgund Fjord and climbs Fjellstua. You will see the mountain range (Sunnmørsalpene) and you will get a clear view of the open sea. 

Alesund, Sunnmore, More og Romsdal, Norway

Atlantic Sea Park is a real symbol of the town. There you can observe underwater world of Norway as well as see penguins and other animals! 


Like other Norwegian towns, Ålesund has rich seafood traditions and offers multiple restaurants. Pay special attention to Hummer&Kanari situated at a pedestrian street Kongensgt, as well as to a specialized fish restaurant XL Dinner that combines wonderful savors with fantastic view to the bay. 

Velkommen til Fjellstua

Aksla viewpoint hosts a small and cozy café Fjellstua, from where you can observe a picturesque town landscape. 

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