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Norwegian Ski Resorts: Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Skeikampen


Hafjell is the third largest ski resort in Norway with exciting landscapes: wide and even tracks are sometimes so steep, that you may be sure: it is a real "black level"! Still, you will find there green slopes, and more difficult – blue and red – serpentines in the forest. 

Hafjell, Norway

Anyway, you will surely find something that suits particularly you among 30 tracks 39 km long. Try to go down a bob-sled chute at the speed of 120 km per hour or participate in a quad bike race with your friends! The tracks are well maintained and illuminated. The youngest guests of Hafjell also have a lot to do! 

Hafjell: Facts and Figures 

Hafjell: Facts and Figures

• 3rd largest ski resort in Norway 
• 15 km from Lillehammer 
• 160 km from Oslo Airport 
• Season lasts from November until April 20 
• 30 slopes: 10 green slopes, 9 blue slopes, 7 red slopes, 4 black slopes 
• Overall lengths of tracks – 39 km 
• Elevation changes – 835 meters
• The longest track – 7 km 
• 7 km of illuminated tracks 
• 15 lifts able to carry 15,200 persons per our 
• Hafjell ski-pass is valid in the neighbor resort of Kvitfjell 
• Free of charge lifts for children under 8 years old 
• 80 per cent of tracks are equipped with snow cannons 
• 6 restaurants at the slope and next to the tracks 
• 350 km of tracks for cross-country skiing 
• Deer safari, quad bikes, snow mobiles, toboggans, dog-sledging and Olympic Park with a bob-sled track 
Hunderfossen Familiepark – the unique winter family park with Troll Gallery, Ice Chess, Ice Hotels and other attractions 


Kvitfjell is one of the truly unique ski resorts in Norway that combines silence and calm of the grandiose natural landscapes with the highest quality of tracks and equipment. 

Kvitfjell, Norway

Built in 1994 for the Olympics in Lillehammer, the resort is still rapidly developing. Annually, Kvitfjell hosts downhill World Cup – the most difficult and dangerous discipline in mountain skiing. 

However Kvitfjell is not just extreme. It offers a lot for the beginners, like seven green and five blue slopes. The remaining three black and six red tracks will make happy advanced skiers. Children will also find what to do: lessons of skiing, special kids' competitions, events and programs. 

Kvitfjell: Facts and Figures 

• 2.5 hours from Oslo Gardermoen Airport 
• 21 slopes: 7 green slopes, 5 blue slopes, 6 red slopes and 3 black slopes 
• Overall lengths of slopes – 25 km 
• The longest slope – 3.5 km 
• Illuminated tracks – 2.6 km 
• 9 lifts able to carry 11,300 persons per our 
• Elevation changes – 854 meters 
• Season lasts from end of October until end of April 
• 85% tracks are equipped with snow cannons 
• Kvitfjell ski-pass is valid in two neighbor resorts: Hafjell and Skeikampen 
• 2 children zones 
• Snowpark for snowboarding 
• A new track for ski-cross
• A ski-cross course 
• A ski school for all levels of preparation 
• 600 km of tracks for cross-country skiing 
• Various accommodation: hotels, cottages, apartments 


Skeikampen is located 38 km from Lillehammer, in a picturesque mountain valley. 

Skeikampen, Norway

Skeikampen: Facts and Figures 

• 3 hours from Oslo and just 38 km from Lillehammer 
• 17 tracks: 3 green tracks, 5 blue tracks, 6 red tracks and 3 black tracks 
• 10 lifts 
• Overall lengths of tracks – 21 km 
• 2 children tracks and 2 lifts for children 
• Ski school for kids and adults: mountain skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing 
• Children zone with toboggan slopes, ice-skating and camps 
• Snow park
• 270 km of tracks for cross-country skiing 
• Sport equipment rentals 
• Accommodation: 100 cottages, 150 apartments, 2 hotels, 1 mountain hotel 
• Airboards, toboggans, ice-skating, dog sledges and more! 

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