Sunday, 28 February 2016

Nigardsbreen Glacier – the Frozen Heart of Norway

Glaciers are unique and amazing natural phenomena. They are massive and powerful. When the ice is shining on the sunlight, the radiance seems to illuminate cosmos itself. When you submerge under the snout of a glacier, it feels as if you entered the kingdom of Ice Queen. Rays of sun penetrating through the layers of ice create light-blue magical glow in the cave. 

Nigardsbreen Glacier, Norway

Glaciers are giant flows of pressed snow. These white hats of heights and mountains shape the climate and the landscape on Earth. Snowfalls or thaws, as well as evaporation and wind erosions define the size of a glacier. All the processes carry out simultaneously, and the leading ones determine whether a glacier grows or becomes smaller. 

In Norway, 2600 square km of land are covered with ice. Nigardsbreen is one of fifty arms of the largest mainland glacier in Europe – Jostedalsbreen – and is considered one of the most beautiful Norwegian glaciers. It is older then 2.5 mln. years – it is eternity compared to the life of a human being. In old, prehistoric times, the ice cover of Norway reached 3 km high. 

Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway

Today many glaciers melt because of the climate change. The Nigardsbreen glacier receded as well. For the last 180 years it lost more than 100 meters of its length. 

If you want to find out more about glaciers, their origins and impact on the Earth climate, flora and fauna, the Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe Climate Centre in Fjærland is the ideal place for you! 

Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe Climate Centre, Fjærland

You may reach Nigardsbreen by car – take the road along Aurlandsfjorden, then turn Jølster and Olden lakes, and go through the valley of Gloppen. You cannot drive directly to the glacier, but there is a parking nearby. You may leave the car here and go down to the berth from which a boat plies, carrying the tourists up to the snout of Nigardsbreen. You may also reach it on foot, by a rocky slope. Do not forget to take some memorable photos! 

Even in the middle of summer, the temperature on glacier does not rise higher than 5 degrees Celsius above zero – and only in daylight, when the rays of sun warm the nature. In the evening, when the sun dips below the horizon, the wind blows and the temperature falls. As if January returned. 

Glacier Tongue, Nigardsbreen, Norway

That is why do not forget about a warm coat when you go to Nigardsbreen! Running shoes would be ok, but put thick woolen socks on as well. A knitted hat and sunglasses will add the final touch to your suit. 

Going to the glacier without an experience guide may be dangerous. Ice layers are constantly moving, opening new cracks and clefts. Lumps of ice may break away. So, find a guide and prepare to the sights of power and beauty that only wild untamed nature can offer us. 

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Winter Adventure in Trysil Ski Resort

Trysil is situated in Scandinavia, in a place of astonishing beauty. Thanks to a massive belt of confer forest, the region’s climate is one of the most stable in Europe. A vast net of snow cannons (418!) guarantees the longest snow season in Europe! 

Trysil Ski Resort Norway

Trysilfjellet has 65 tracks connected by 32 lifts. You can find slopes of different levels of difficulty: 11 black slopes, 16 red slopes, 17 blue slopes and 21 green slopes where students of the largest in Europe ski-school are training. You can also improve your skiing or snowboarding skills with the help of experienced instructors. 

Snowboarders and fans of new school should visit the best snow park in Norway – famous Trysil Terrain Park – with 2 half-pipes and many rails, boxes, jumps, hips for crazy tricks. 

Trysil Terrain Park

Three zones were created especially for the youngest guests of the resort. Children fearlessly run across low slopes and use 9 safe children lifts. 

Expert skiers recommend visiting Trysil in spring when the slopes of Trysilfjellet mountain (1132 meters) are generously illuminated with rays of warm spring sun. Just a couple of days – and you have wonderful mountain tan. 
Trysil, Norway

In Trysil, you can live right on the mountain slope with a track starting virtually from your threshold! Or you can stay in a hotel or cute cottages in old Norwegian style in the town. This variant suits for those who want to find themselves closer to a bowling-center, a cinema, restaurants and nightclubs. 


Trysil Ski Resort, Norway

• 210 km from Oslo and 160 km from Gardermoen Airport 
• Season lasts from November 14 until May 3 
• 65 tracks: 20 green tracks, 17 blue tracks, 17 red tracks and 11 black tracks 
• 32 lifts able to carry 35 200 persons per hour 
• Overall lengths of tracks – 71 km 
• Elevation changes – 685 meters 
• The longest track – 5400 meters 
• 6 illuminated tracks 
• 2 module slopes 
• 418 snow cannons able to produce 3600 cubic meters per hour 
• Snow guarantees: at least 8 km of tracks are covered with snow from November 15 to May 1 and 20 km – from December 13 to April 19 
• 3 rentals of equipment 
• 2 snow parks 
• 100 km of tracks for cross-country skiing 
• 3 lifts for children 
• Kindergarten and Smotte kinder club 
• Spa-center and swimming pool 
• 21 cafes next to the tracks 
• 11 after-ski cafés and restaurants 
• 12 bars and pubs 
• 3 night clubs 
• Dog sledges, bowling, cinema, shopping and more! 

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Norefjell Ski Resort: Winter Delight

First tourists appeared in Norefjell in the 1950s after the resort hosted the downhill and giant slalom competitions of the 1952 Winter Olympics. 

Norefjell, Norway

The highest peak of Norefjell is the Høgevarde mountain (1459 meters). Skiing starts at the hight of 1188 meters – from the Ravnos mountain peak. Local tracks have the highest elevation difference in Norway – 1010 meters. It is an attractive place for wild cross-country skiing as well because of its wide-open slopes and difficult wood areas. 

Norefjell offers 22 tracks: 3 black tracks, 8 red tracks, 7 blue tracks and 4 green tracks. Their overall length is 23 km. Ten lifts carry more than 14 thousand people per hour. 

Norefjell ski tracks

The resort is equally suitable for advanced sportsmen and families with little children. You will find there 120 km of tracks for cross-country skiing, a snow park with a half-pipe, a ski jump for snowboarders and a kinder park for the youngest guests of Norefjell. There is also a school where experienced instructors can help you to learn skiing or snowboarding. 

Among multiple special tourist attractions, it is worth to mention 4-meter skis for five skiers, snow-tractor riding, dogsledding, horse-sleigh riding, and many other entertainments. 


It takes just 1.5 hour to get from Oslo to Norefjell, do not lose a chance to visit the Norwegian capital and spend a day there. Even closer, there is a small picturesque town of Hønefoss. 

Villa Fridheim, Norway

Villa Fridheim, a manor which houses a folk museum, is one of Norway's largest timber buildings. The building was erected in 1890-92 as the country house of Drammen based timber merchant. 

Krøderbanen Museum, Norway

Krøderbanen Museum is a railroad museum headquartered in the former Krøderen Railroad Station at Krøderen. Krøderbanen was opened in 1872 as a narrow gauge line. It was converted to standard gauge in connection with the Bergen Railway opening in 1909 and remained in operation until 1985. Both rolling stock and fixed installations along the line are kept in running condition. Krøderbanen is also a center for the restoration and maintenance of railway equipment. 


Norefjell offers high quality service and almost domestic comfort. Historical Fjellhvil Hotel, built in 1901, is located at the height of 750 meters. A hundred meters lower, you will find a Norefjell Hotel.

Norefjell Hotel, Norway

Sole Hotel was built in 1910. Among popular places there are Norefjell Hytteutleie and Bjertnes Turistgaard, as well as Sandumseter, Hoegevardehytta and Krøderen Kro & Motel guest houses. 

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