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Hiking Equipment: Getting Ready for Norway

Norway is a severe country with fickle weather. That is why you can’t be too scrupulous while selecting clothes for hiking, camping or mountain climbing. You should have all necessary things with you but make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. The key is multifunctional clothes. 

Hiker on trail towards summit of Stornappstind

  • Trousers – preferably thick and with many pockets. It would be great if trouser-legs were removable allowing you to have shorts when you need them. 
  • Good waterproof trousers to protect you from rain and wind. 
  • A t-shirt preferably made of synthetic fabric as they dry faster. Take with you 2-3 t-shirts to wear every day. 
  • Fleece jacket is a must! Have two of them – one should be thinner and one – quite thick. If you put them on together, you may get warm when the temperature falls. 
  • Waterproof kagool should be of high quality to protect you efficiently from snow, rain and icy winds of Norway. 
  • A hat – preferably warm and windproof. 
  • Gloves – 2 pairs, one should be a windblock. 
  • Socks – as many as you need. 
  • A scarf – it will help you to keep warmth in windy weather. 
  • Linen. 
  • Trekking boots, preferably waterproof. Dry feet guarantee a successful and enjoyable hiking. 
Trekking boots for Norway

  • Thermal underwear to keep you warm in the camp and during the sleep. It is indispensable for day hiking if the temperature falls down. 
  • Thin down vest is not necessary but may be pretty useful in a camp when you don’t move actively and freeze faster. 
  • Camp shoes (sandals or flip flops). 


Hiker crossing mountain stream, Norway
  • A sleeping bag – for winter season, with a comfort temperature of -2 -5. 
  • A two-layered tent. 
  • A mat. 
  • A backpack. 
  • Trekking sticks. 


Female hiker sets up tent on wild camping trip
  • Personal first-aid kit. 
  • Everything for personal hygiene, including toilet paper. 
  • A cup, a bowl, a spoon, a knife. 
  • A headlamp. 
  • An insect repellent. 
  • A sunscreen. 
  • Sunglasses (they will protect you from wind too). 
  • A photo camera and a mobile phone. 

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