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Top 10 Things to do in Norway

Top ten things to do when you visit this unique country. 


Norway, Alesund, landscape with fjord

Fjords are a true miracle of Norway. If you want to fully understand their beauty, enjoy them from the coast and from water. In the first case, do this from the car window. Getting to a fjord along curved serpentine-roads and tunnels in the mountains is an adventure in itself. For the second case, choose a ferryboat. Usually the tourist program includes waterfalls, stops at small fishing villages and mysterious grottos. 


Fishing boat, the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Not far from the Lofoten Islands there is the world largest tidal current – Saltstraumen. In any season, you may come here for fishing or diving. And you may rent any equipment you need as well. Fish from the coast or the boat for pollack, halibut, lancet fish or cod. Rent a boat alone or with a company of friends. Still, remember about dangerous streams, and listen to the instructor! PALACE OF THE 


Snow Hotel, Kirkeness

Being in Norway, do not miss Lapland. Several years ago, Snow Hotel was built in the outskirts of Kirkeness. This hotel is made completely of ice. The constant temperature is maintained at 5 degrees Celsius below zero, that is why the guests have to sleep in thermal underwear. The night stay includes a dinner, a breakfast, sauna and a hot drink. Despite extreme conditions, the hotel is always full of visitors. 


Hurtigruten, Norway

The round-trip journey along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkeness takes 12 days. You can visit 34 ports, admire fresh and unspoiled beauty of mountains and fjords as well as to relax and reach internal harmony. Norway offers multiple liners, ferries, routes, but Hurtigruten is considered as classic. If you think that a dozen days is too much for you, buy tickets for a shorter part of the way. 


Vigeland sculpture park

Love between a man and a woman, wisdom and hopelessness of an old age, purity and immediacy of a child – all sculptures are filled with multi-layered philosophy. One statue can have various interpretations. Maybe this is the genius of Gustav Vigeland who created the park, starting with the design and finishing with the sculpture compositions. 


Sled Dogs Resting in Snow, Norway

Winter attractions can return you a feeling of a pure childish delight! Go to the North, to Kirkeness, an ideal place for the dog sledding alond endless snow-covered valleys. Usually tours last for three days. Meet and befriend clever, friendly huskies and start a 15 km trip! 


Whale Safari, Andenes, Norway

When whales come to the coast of the Vesterålen archipelago to enjoy fresh squids, you have a chance to participate in a whale safari on a high-speed boat. Seeing these giants in their natural environment is a breath-taking experience. 


Norwegian cuisine

Try unusual national dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients! Start with a fårikål – lamb simmered with cabbage and whole peppercorns. Its taste is so delicate and soft. The next in our list is a winter delicacy called lutefisk – salt and dried stockfish. Accompany your cup of coffee with a sharp and caramel taste of a brown goat cheese brunost. 



Annually in July, when the days are long and sunny, Kongsberg hosts a jazz festival that attracts music bands from all over the world. The event first started in 1965 and survived until present days. During four days of the festival, the stage is shared by both famous and young musicians. Some concerts are for free. 


The most popular souvenirs in Norway are figures of trolls. The sizes and forms of the creatures can be almost endless, so ask a seller what they symbolize and pay attention to your feelings – to make sure that this specific magical troll will bring joy and happiness to a person who will receive it as a present. 

Eiderdown duvet, Norway

Another popular gift from Norway is an eiderdown duvet; mind that their quality in Norway is almost impeccable! 

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