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Winter Adventures of Savalen

Savalen is a small cozy winter resort situated in 70 km from the historical town of Røros that is included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Skiing is not the main attraction of Savalen, and ski tracks are opened only on weekends. On the other hand, Savalen offers various traditional winter pastimes, including snowmobile riding, dog sledding, and ice-fishing!

Savalen, Norway

  • 330 km from Oslo, 190 km from Trondheim, 70 km from Røros 
  • 750 meters above the sea level 
  • Season lasts all year round. 
  • Winter season starts in November 
  • In Savalen, there is an official Residence of Julenissen 
  • Activities: snowmobile riding, ice-fishing, ice-hole bathing, horse-sledding, dog-sledding 
  • Skiing: 7 tracks, 4 lifts (including 1 for children), a snow park, a ski school, rentals 
  • Cross-country skiing: 100 km of tracks, 5 km of which are illuminated 
  • Accommodation in a high-quality Savalen Fjellhotel&Spa 


Skiing in Norway

Although the tracks of Savalen are more suitable for families with children and beginners, advanced skiers will find what to do as well. The resort offers seven tracks of various levels of difficulty. Snow cannons guarantee a regular snow layer from December until April. Moreover, there is a separate children's zone and a small snow park. 


Norwegian Santa

All small visitors of Savalen want to see Julenissen, Norwegian Santa Clause, whose residence is located nearby. Nisse lives in a big fairy-tale house with a real production line of presents. In a big dining hall dwarfs offer guests a cup of tea with biscuits and tell Christmas stories. Not far from the residence, you can see a puppet show in a tent or take a picture with different animals or birds at a farm. 


It is difficult to imagine anything more Nordic than ice-fishing. The best conditions are from the early morning and until noon. You do not need to book it in advance, just buy a license in a hotel. 

Snowmobile safari, Savalen

Snowmobile safari is a real extreme adventure! First, the instructor shows you how to drive the vehicle and makes around 35 km with you. Then you can drive by yourself! You have an opportunity to buy a license for daily riding. The rental cost includes a suit, a helmet, boots and gloves as well as hot drinks during the intervals. 

In the evening, after the day full of impressions, you can gather with your friends, put on warm clothes, and go out to see the shining stars in the dark-blue skies, feel freezing frost on your cheeks and enjoy the complete silence… 

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