Tuesday, 10 May 2016

7 Things to Do in Oslo

You found yourself in Oslo. Here is the list of what to do in the city to enjoy it to the fullest!. 

Oslo, Norway

1. Wake up early on Saturday and get by 10 am to a flea market next to the stadium (Dalsbergstien, 19). Search in the heaps of old things, find a vintage suitcase, a plastic lamp from the 60ies and a trolley, but buy a couple of badges – three crones each.

2. Get on the rapid train going to the north to a quiet Saint Hansaugen quarter, look through the windows at pedestrians. Get off at Damstredet and take a walk among the buildings dating from the 18th century to feel like you are in good old Christiania – it was Oslo's name before 1924. 

Oslo, Norway

3. Rise up Holmenkollen. Pop into the Ski Museum and then to the viewpoint – to see Oslo as a skier sees it before jumping into the abyss. 

4. Walk on the roof. Oslo is a unique place where you can walk on the roof of the Opera House! The building is considered one of the most beautiful in the capital. Thanks to its specific design, it seems that it stands in the water. The Opera offers an amazing view to the bay. Many locals like to hang out on the roof. The place is worth visiting even if you are not a fan of opera. 

Oslo, Norway

5. Pop into the music shop Platekompaniet just for a couple of minutes and stay there for the whole hour listening in headphones the full range of CDs – from Scandinavian electronic to jazz. Be confused by the attention of sellers bringing you more CDs to listen to, and by the sound at least of a dozen of songs at once – and buy definitely not what you initially planned, like a CD of Kaizers Orchestra – a rock band known only in Norway. 

6. In the evening, take a walk along the Aker Brygge. Buy a sandwich with the most fresh fish you have ever eaten, sit on the boardwalk next to the water and watch impudent sea-gulls nipping shrimps from stalls. 

Oslo, Norway

7. When it gets dark, rise in the lift to the last floor of Radisson SAS Plaza and, having ordered a cocktail in the bar, watch how thousands of lights of Oslo reflect in the waters of Oslofjord. 

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