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Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers

Random tips that are useful to know before you go to Norway. 

Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers


Among national traits, we can highlight a sort of lentitude of the Norwegians, their imperturbation, and ability to react calmly, without raising the voice, even in difficult situations. Many people emphasize the honesty of the locals, their passion for skiing and traveling. The Norwegian generally have a good sense of humour and are quick to react. And they are very respectful to the elderly. 


Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers

Nightclubs, discos and other spots are strictly divided from the point of view of age, offered alcohol drinks and open time. Do not forget to take your ID! 


Vines and strong alcoholic beverages are sold in special state-chain shops that work by a special schedule. Many village communities do not sell alcohol at all (except for beer). It is forbidden to sell strong alcohol on Sundays and holidays, before 1 am and after midnight on workdays. However, vine and beer can be sold daily. 


You may freely travel around the country, still some protected territories have limited access or even may be closed in specific times of year. In the rural areas, use special tracks to avoid disturbing flora and fauna. A tent should be set up at least 150 meters from the residential buildings. 

Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers

From April 15th until September 15th, you should make a fire only in specially provided places. After your stay, collect all the garbage and throw it away into a special container. 


Smoking is prohibited in public transport and in the majority of public buildings, offices etc. Bars and restaurants have special zones for smokers, and up to 50 per cent of hotel rooms are for non-smokers, mind it when booking your hotel. Cigarettes are sold to people older 18 years and are quite expensive. 


Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers

Tip is usually included in the bill in restaurants and hotels, but it is ok to leave 5-10 crones. When you pay for the taxi, you may round up the sum or leave 5-10 crones as well. 


Traditions are very important in the Norwegian society. The royal family is highly respected, and ironic commentaries towards the monarch are simply inacceptable. The Norwegians do not hug when they see each other, but shake hands. When they say goodbye, they may pat each other on the back. 


The voltage is 220 V., 50-60 Hz. Sockets are standard European. 


Norway features small towns with little population, situated quite far away from each other. That is why a car or a bus are the best way to discover the country. 

Holiday in Norway: Tips for Travelers

Although the majority of sights are located close to the towns or villages, they usually do not have comfortable driveways, as the locals prefer to interfere the natural landscapes as little as possible. 

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