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Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

As every capital, Oslo hosts multiple shopping centers. However, it is worth paying attention to five department stores that are especially popular among the locals and tourists. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo


Oslo City is the largest four-floored shopping center. In 2010, it was claimed the best store of the north. It is situated in the central part of the city, not far from the Central Station. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

Oslo City offers various categories of goods: clothes, shoes, dishware, jewelry, cosmetics and many other things. You can find more than 90 shops and restaurants here. Moreover, the department store has a hair salon, a parlor, and a medical center. 

Visitors of Oslo City value the high quality of products made by famous world brands as well as Norwegian companies. 


Byporten is remarkable by its convenient location: you can get there from the Central Station by an underground passage. If you travel through Oslo and have to wait for a couple of hours for a transfer – spend your time in Byporten. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

It comprises more than 250 small shops; some of them are located there uniquely in the city. The store offers a medical care center and a dentist as well. Byporten is a great place to spend some time before the train and buy a couple of Norwegian souvenirs for friends and relatives! 


GlasMagasinet is the oldest and the most renowned department store in the country. It was opened in 1739 and initially sold only glass and porcelain. Today you may buy practically everything there, however the production of Hadeland Glassverk brand is still especially popular. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

The building itself makes it difficult to leave the shop without buying anything. When you rise one level up, you can leave the place only by walking through the entire floor! 


Fifty clothing stores, several restaurants and a supermarket occupy a four-floor building of Steen&Strоm. One level is fully given to the Norwegian producers. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

In the fourth floor, you may buy various souvenirs, wooden plates, clothes, glass and porcelain made in the country. 


Paleet is a heaven for those who want to bring home "made in Norway" goods. Practically all shops there sell goods produced in Norway. In Paleet, you will find woolen clothes with ethnic ornaments. 

Five Largest Shopping Centers in Oslo

By the way, Oslo shopping centers often hold sales, and discounts may go up to 70 per cent. The biggest sales are in July, August and during practically the whole January. Mind the advertisements about special offers while walking in the capital! 

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