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Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

We crossed practically whole Norway from South to North. Our route: we landed in Oslo; then got by train to Fauske; took a bus to Narvik, and spent two weeks there exploring the surrounding area. Way back home was symmetrical.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders


We started from Oslo. It is a magnificent city, green, with many strange sculptures, romantic quays and, of course, the famous Opera. We walked upon its inclined roof. In summer, when the weather is hot, residents of Oslo sunbathe there above the waters of Oslofjord.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

In the evening, we took the train to the North. Mind a surprising numeration of carriages! Here you can see carriage 5 next to carriage 357 and then goes carriage 25. The carriage itself is divided into two parts, and each part has its own number. We were so confused that first occupied the wrong seats. With many excuses, we managed to find ours.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

In the end of the journey, two old ladies were sitting in the neighboring block of seats. We did not exchange a word during the trip, but when we went out on our station, they were smiling to us and waving hands. Very positive experience! 

Then we boarded a bus and headed to Narvik. 


First, Norway is fjords. They are everywhere.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

Second, Norway is mountains. The further to the North, the more mountainous it becomes. 

What else? Fjords and mountains, crystal water, kind people and fresh air. Fresh air with no smell! If you open your window and breathe in, you will sense some sort of aroma – trees, moist, grass, fir, flowers. But in Norway it was nothing. Sterile. I believe, I did not have my allergies there. With such air, we felt healthy and had good sleep.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

There is a golf field not far from Narvik, which is considered one of the best in the world. And it is the northernmost golf field, of course. We walked there with our Norwegian friends. The views were fabulous. We drank very tasty water from a nearby river. The locals (at least in the North) take drinking water from mountain rivers. 


Population of Norway is quite small. The towns are small as well. Narvik, for example, has just 18 thousand inhabitants. In the evening, the town becomes empty. Only the sun shines. We made long calm walks in the evening.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

The locals are very proud of their nature. Many of them plan holidays in Norway, they prefer to explore their own country then go to popular world resorts. 

Norwegians like to grill. If they do not have enough space in front of the house, they make balconies that allow them to grill!

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

Trampoline is a must for a household! They have trampolines even in the camps – for tourists who used to jump at home, I think. If you go along the street in the afternoon, you can bet that you will see someone jumping! 

During our trip, we saw just a couple of police cars. I think, if you can sleep safely with your door unlocked, maybe, you are really happy! 


The sun is eternal. But only in Northern Norway, and only in summer. In winter, it is eternal night. Midnight sun and polar night offer very peculiar experience.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

During our stay, the sun was shining 24 hours. Our biological hours were deeply confused.

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

 Warm mountain lakes were a great compensation!

Norway Trip Review: The Country of Wonders

One of the sights of Narvik is an artificial geyser. It burst out gallons of water daily at 9 pm. A good example of how to turn a usual and purely functional thing (getting rid of water surplus in order to decrease pressure) into a tourist attraction! 

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