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Original Souvenirs from Norway

What unusual souvenirs may you bring from Norway? 

Original Souvenirs from Norway


A woolen pullover with traditional Norwegian ornament is an expensive and an exquisite gift. Pullovers are spun of 100 per cent fleece that is why they are so soft and tender. The usual ornaments include patterns, seer and troll silhouettes. Norwegian pullovers are famous for their high quality; you may wear them for years! 

Original Souvenirs from Norway

Such pullover costs from 700 NOK. If you choose an item from Dale of Norway  the most renowned Norwegian brand of woolen clothes – the sum will be twice as big. 


Each Nordic country has its own akvavit. However, the Norwegian is unique. "Linie" means equator in Norwegian. 200 years ago Norwegian merchants brought to Indonesia their goods, akvavit among them. Some barrels were taken back home to Norway, so they crossed the equator twice. Ocean salt, swell and temperature differences changed the taste of the beverage. And the locals found it really good! 

Original Souvenirs from Norway

Traditional akvavit is made the following way: they boil potatoes with caraway then copper the beverage and send to Austria and back. On the tag of every bottle, you may find the route, the name of the ship and dates of departure and return to Norway. 

It is better to buy Linie Akvavit in duty-free. The price per bottle is 80-100 NOK. 


Speaking about gastronomic souvenirs, do not miss famous brunost. This Norwegian cheese is made of cream and milk whey, it is brown by color and tastes caramel. 

Original Souvenirs from Norway

Its price starts from 100 NOK per kilo. 


Did you know that cheese-slicer was invented in Norway? In 1925, a carpenter Thor Bjørklund invented a plane for cheese and patented it. In a couple of years, Bjørklund & Sønner company started mass production of cheese-slicers. 

Original Souvenirs from Norway

The firm produces them even today, as well as other kitchen utensils. 


Rosemåling is a style of decorative painting on wood that originated in the 18th in the rural Norway. The name means "rose painting" as this flower is the main pattern in the style. Among basic colors, prevail blue and scarlet. Rosemåling is used to paint furniture, kitchen utensils, shoes, clock and many other things. 

Original Souvenirs from Norway

A small painted souvenir will be a nice present! 

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