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Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Norway

Norway offers multiple high quality and free of charge skiing runs. Below there is the list of the most popular places for cross-country skiing. 

Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Norway


Finnmarksvidda is Norway's largest plateau that will take you through the unspoiled nature of Arctic. Up and down tundra is impressive and gives the feeling of endlessness. If you are lucky, you may enjoy the northern lights. 


Jotunheimen covers the area of 3.500 sq. km. You may spend there several days skiing from one tourist house to another. Moreover, it offers great skiing opportunities even in spring and summer!

Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Norway

 Amazing starting points are the small towns of Beitostølen and Vågå. If you prefer skiing high in the mountains, it is worth trying the route from Hindseter to the Nautgardstind peak (2258 meters above the sea level). 


Oslo is the capital of winter sport. Here, apart from skiing you will find multiple in-town attractions on the fresh air. This 30-km city offers more than 2000 km of wonderful skiing runs! 


North-west of the Olympic town of Lillehammer is the 100 km Peer Gynt Løype. The ski trail is entirely prepared and goes from the Espedalsvatn fjord through a landscape of distant horizons, birch tree woodland, Norwegian farmsteads, and frozen lakes. 

Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Norway

The local mountains offer ideal cross-country skiing terrain. The stable inland climate ensures good snow conditions throughout winter. Most of the route sits at around 1000 meter running through beautiful varied terrain. It is a wonderful option for families who want to ski on a difficult but in the same time enjoyable skiing run. 


You will find there many cross-country skiing runs: 150 km of tracks that go through the mountains and the forest. As well as 14 km of illuminated runs for skiing in the night-time. 


The “trail” is a marked skiing run of 120 km length. It goes through the untouched nature from Høvringen and Rondane in the north via Ringebufjellet to Lillehammer in the south. 

Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Norway

The track is diverse, part of it is located high in the mountains. Usually it opens on February 1st and closes on the last day of Easter. 


Cross-country skiing runs can be found practically in every Norwegian ski resort, for example in Geilo, Trysil, Hasedal, Kvitfjell and Hafjell where you can have a great time skiing or try many other amusing winter activities! 

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