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Car Rental in Norway: Hints and Tips

Renting a car and driving along picturesque routes is a great way to discover Norway. Note that summer offers more opportunities, as in winter some mountain roads are closed, as well as some campings and hotels. 

Car Rental in Norway: Hints and Tips


“Car rental” in Norwegian means leie en bil. It is better to choose round routes, because if you pick up a car in one town and drop off in another, it will be more expensive because of the “one way extra charge”. 

If you want to visit Norway in winter, mind that some roads will be closed from November until May. Some roads may be closed because of bad weather conditions as well. 

Car Rental in Norway: Hints and Tips

The telephone of a twenty-four-hour road service is 175 


In order to rent a car in Norway, you will need an international driving license, a paid insurance and a credit card. The driver should be older than 19 years with driving experience longer than one year. For some types of vehicles, the demanded driver’s age should start from 25 years. 


The rental price usually includes unlimited mileage and insurance. For a supplementary payment you may order a booster chair, a GPS-navigator, or higher insurance coverage. 

Be ready that 100 euros from your credit card will be blocked as a deposit. 


Car Rental in Norway: Hints and Tips

Leaded gasoline is prohibited in Norway. Gas stations offer only diesel or lead-free gasoline 98 and 95. Price difference can be considerable within the country – as well as the mileage from one gas station to another. 


Dimmed headlights should be always on while driving. All passengers should fasten the belts. The driver should not speak on the phone. 

Car Rental in Norway: Hints and Tips

The speed limit at home zones is 30 km per hours, in towns – 50 km per hour, at speedways – 80-90 km per hour, and at highways – 90-100 km per hours. It is necessary to follow the speed limit not only because the fines are high. Any time a wild animal may run from the forest to the road. 

Toll roads are quite widespread in Norway. The price varies from 10 to 20 NOK. The entrance in some towns is paid as well. 


If you plan to leave your car for more than three hours, do not park it in the street, go to a public parking. Parkings are fee-based on weekdays. Usually, the further they are from the center, the cheaper they become. There are also parkings outside of towns. You may leave your car there and use public transport to travel in the town. 

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