Saturday, 23 July 2016

Did you know about Norway…

A bunch of unexpected facts about the land of midnight sun.

Did you know about Norway

Did you know that the word “Norway” literally means “the way to the North”? 

Did you know that thousands and thousands of years ago the country was fully covered with ice? 

Did you know that thanks to the Gulf Stream the sea that washes the northern shores of Norway, above the Polar Circle, does not freeze even in winter? And in summer, the temperature in the area rises above 20 degrees Celsius. 

Did you know that the coldest month in Norway is March, with snowfalls and ice-slick, and in December, you may find roses still in blossom at some places? 

Did you know about Norway

Did you know that Norway is the largest exporter of… ostriches? 

Did you know that at weddings the Norwegians give cows beer to drink? The tradition is that everybody should be drunk at the fest and moo something jolly for the bride and the groom. Even cows are no exception! 

Did you know that as Norway consists mainly of mountains and rivers, plain is one of the cheapest way of travelling inside the country? But not the fastest one. For example, the flight from Stavanger to Trondheim that normally should take about 1.5 hours may last about 5 hours because of numerous stops to let passengers in and out on the way. 

Did you know about Norway

Did you know that when you travel by car high in the mountainous roads, and it feels like you are lost and forgotten by everyone, you would often find an equipped parking or an information point? 

Did you know that despite the previous statement, there is a real trouble with cleaning the roads from snow in winter? 

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