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Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

These are not proper trip reviews, but a collection of impressions, insights, and emotions shared by five different people who visited Norway. 

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway


Norway is a kingdom with many big and small creeks shooting in the land – fjords. The nature here is astonishingly beautiful. We were in the country in May, but the snow still covered the mountains, and waterfalls were heard from afar. Unfortunately, photos cannot translate the beauty of emerald water, strong character and traditions of reticent but very decent and thoughtful Norwegians, coziness of villages and the taste of various dishes made of fish. 

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

I cannot say that fish is cheap in Norway, but it is really fresh and very tasty. I was surprised that you may pay with a credit card at the market. 

The Norwegians really care about their houses. Their homes are clean and neat, it feels like a competition: whose house is better and the garden more groomed. 

If you like alcohol, your habit will cost you too much in Norway. Sunbathing is also not a valid option there. The climate is quite severe. The level of living (including salaries and prices) is high. 

I think it is worth going to Norway in search of new experience. 


I was so impressed by stories and TV-broadcasts that planned my trip to Norway for two years. To my mind, the list of must-see sights should include Vigeland’s Park, Oslo rådhus, a trip to fjords and waterfalls, a drive through tunnels and, if possible, Bergen

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

Everything there is thought-out well: roads, transport, hotel conditions, public places. In the same time, they manage to keep everything simple, without excessive luxury. Public toilets are really clean. And it is totally normal to drink tap water. 

Food and souvenirs cost really much though. Comparing to this, entrance tickets to museums and excursions seemed really affordable! 

I was enchanted by the beauty of the Sognefjord. We got there by the Flåm Railway. I experienced a journey on a 13-floor ferry. It was like a town on water with various attractions like duty-free shops, clubs, cafes, restaurants, sauna etc. 

The reasons to visit this country are numerous: the fantastic nature, the legends, the high quality of life – but not shopping. The goods, though of very good quality, are imported mainly from China, and prices are high as well. 

Come to Norway to change your perception and feel tranquility and peace deep inside. 


Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

It seems that the air there is absolutely transparent. You feel strange when you swim in an ocean liner through the water corridor, and next to you rise a mountain wall 800 meters high – and goes vertically down. And inside this majestic beauty floats our tiny ship. As there are many waterfalls in Norway, their clear spring water runs down the cliffs everywhere – and it is fantastically beautiful as well. 

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

The freshest fish in the world is here in Norway as well. At the local markets fish is stored in small refrigerators and can stay fresh for several days. 


It is a wonderful country that you wish to visit again and again. Last year I went to Norway for the first time, and returned immensely pleased! I was especially stunned by Sognefjord. Aside from waterfalls, seas and rivers, there are unspeakably beautiful fjords – narrow and deep inlets with steep and beautiful shores. They were created because of the movement of tectonic plates, or maybe by the drifting glaciers. The Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway, its lengths is 204 km, the basin area exceeds 12 thousand and depth is 1300 meters! 

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

We also admired the Geirangerfjord. The word “Geiranger” is derived from the words in old-Norwegian “geir” which means an arrow head and “anger” – fjord. The height of the shores of the Nærøyfjord is up to 1700 meters. 

In conclusion, everyone should visit this place. It is unbelievable! 


Although I have a pretty good travel experience, I nevertheless expected that Norway will astonish us with its beauty. And our expectations were exceeded! Now I can state with confidence that Norway is legitimately considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You may endlessly describe the beauty of its fjords, lakes and waterfalls, but only personal acquaintance with the country will convince you that its natural beauty will not leave any person indifferent! 

Five Tourist Impressions about Norway

Our first trip to Norway did not include cities, we decided to focus on fjords, waterfalls and glaciers. Me and my husband thought out a route and rented a car. Norway is insanely expensive, and we made up our minds to stop at campings that we booked and paid in advance. A night at a hotel starts from 100 EUR – and it is expensive if we take into account money for a car rental, gas and, of course, food. Campings where we stopped had a shower with hot water, an equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi. The shower cost roughly 1,5-2 EUR for 5 minutes. The bed linen is usually not included in campings, and we took our own with us. 

Food prices were high – a loaf of bread cost 4 EUR, a pack of two raw middle-sized pork steaks – 30 EUR etc. 

Despite the prices, it is really worth saving money on some material comforts and going to Norway. I recommend it! 

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