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Norway: Fishing Heaven

Soft climate and numerous various water reservoirs make Norway attractive for fishermen and fisherwomen from the whole world. Here you may find everything from freshwater fishing to sea-safari the whole year round! 

Norway: Fishing Heaven

 Norway hosts whole museums, exhibitions and festivals dedicated to this type of leisure. It is not surprising: the trophies are sometimes of enormous size, and fishing is an old and favorite occupation for the Norwegians. 

In the Lofoten islands, you may find the Espolin Gallery – a picture gallery that exhibits the works of Kaare Espolin Johnson dedicated to the life and destiny of coastal peoples. In Savolinna, there is the Provincial Museum that concentrates on the history of South Savo and particularly on preserving, studying and presenting the history of sailing on Lake Saimaa. 


Multiple fjords and variety of the Norwegian coastline allow fishers to try all kinds of fishing, enjoy the variety of species and even participate in a competition. 

Norway: Fishing Heaven

Sea waters offer codfish, haddock and lancet fish, as well as typically Norwegian species like sable fish and coal fish. 

Hunting Codfish… 

For those who prefer sea fishing, cod becomes the main catch. You may find this fish in numerous bays and along the coastline. Usually people look for it in the northern part of Norway. Every year, starting in February, all trout-hunters come forward to the Lofoten islands, where trout shoals of several-thousand fishes come for spawning. 

Norway: Fishing Heaven

The grandiose fishing ends with a traditional championship. And in winter the Lofotens smell fish as trout is drying along the coastline. 

…and Halibut

Halibut is the most compelling representative of flatfish and a dream of all fishermen and fisherwomen. Hunting it is a real adventure. You may find halibut practically anywhere in Norway, but catching it is not easy at all. Sometimes the weight of a fish may equal 180 kg! 

Norway: Fishing Heaven

The best season for fishing halibut is from April until December. 


For those who prefer freshwater fishing, Norway offers a vast net of lakes and streams covering almost the whole territory of the country. Here you may find trout and salmon, as well as white fish, grayling and Arctic char. 

Trout and Salmon 

Trout is a real gem of freshwater Norwegian lakes. The fishing season lasts from April to May, and from September to October. 

Norway: Fishing Heaven

In the central and northern parts of the country, you may fish salmon. As soon as the snow melts, lakes become abundant with this fish. The fishing season lasts until the beginning of September. 

Usually fishermen and fisherwomen manage to catch really big exemplars, 11 kg average. The weight of the largest trophies may go up to 18 kg. 

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