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Norway’s Trolltunga

The long history of Norway finds a place for mighty Vikings, Scandinavian gods and legendary trolls. The country’s landscape features the severity of snow-covered peaks, mystery of pathless wildwoods, and enchantment of lucid lakes. 

Norway’s Trolltunga

One of the current most visited places in the country became popular not so long ago. A small rock came off majestic Skjeggedal mountain and, despite the gravity, managed to hold at the height of 350 meters practically vertical to the cliff. 

The new rock needed to be named, and attentive Norwegians noticed its similarity with a big stone tongue. Who can possess such a tongue? Of course, a troll! According to a legend, if trolls do not make it to hide in the rocks before the dawn, they turn into stones forever. 

Norway’s Trolltunga

It is hard to say whether these creatures have anything to do with the natural deformation of the rock, but the number of tourists who want to see this unique attraction is growing exponentially every year! 


Famous Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) is just 10 km from a small town of Odda in Hordaland county. The most convenient way to get there is by car. There is a free of charge parking at the beginning of the hiking trail. 

The further travel to Trolltiunga will demand some physical training and a bit of patience. The funicular that used to take the tourists closer to the rocck, does not work from 2010. You will have to make the whole route to the final target on foot. 

However, if you plan your trip from June to October, the hike should not be that difficult. In winter, there is a risk to get lost in high snowbanks. Walking to Trolltunga you may enjoy the local landscapes, fresh air, as well as stop at several deep mountain lakes. These lakes are called “trolls’ cauldrons”. 

The whole journey takes around 5 hours and 12 km. You will refresh your forces after admiring the magnificent view to mountain ridges from the destination point. 


Trolltunga hangs out over the lake Ringedalsvatnet, surrounded by impressive rocks. From here, you will see green cliffs and snow-covered peaks. The view is breathtaking, and some tourists may spend hours enjoying the Norwegian nature. That is the reason to start your journey early in the morning, so that you will be able to return before it gets dark. 

Norway’s Trolltunga

On the other hand, you may bring a tent with you and sleep right in the mountains. 

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