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Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

Norway is beautiful. It is an indisputable fact. Another indisputable fact is that this country is immensely intriguing. Twelve impressions from a recent tourist. 

Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

1. Vast territories. Houses are located significantly far away from each other. Fishing villages may consist only of two dozen settlements stretched for a couple of kilometers. 

2. Emptiness. People go to bed early – at 8-9 pm the streets become practically empty. On Sundays, everything is closed and the locals travel to the suburbs. And there are no fences around the lots. 

Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

3. Houses. The Norwegians like to make the interior of their houses comfortable and cozy. Inside and outside the house you can see many cute ornaments, statuettes, figurines. Maybe it can be explained by the cold weather that makes the locals spend more time inside. 

4. Bikes are extremely popular. But besides going by bike to a neighbor village or in travels, people use old bikes as a decoration element. You may often see an old bike standing next to the house, decorated with flower pots. 

5. Flowers. Flowers are everywhere, abundant and extremely beautiful. Both, in town and villages – and in the nature. 

Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

6. Motorhomes. Motorhomes are popular; the travelers are usually elderly couples with pets. 

7. Troll-like rocks. When you cycle through those rocks, it feels as you are in a fairy-tale. The fog is low and makes the atmosphere more mysterious. The stones resemble troll figures. And it seems that someone is looking. 

8. Black horses and white sheep. The locals told us that sheep are white, fluffy and cute only if they pasture high in the mountains. Those who are at the bottom of a mountain look pretty ordinary. 

Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

9. No currency exchange! At all. Nowhere. In 98 per cent of cases, you may pay with a credit card. In the rest 2 per cent – with Norwegian crones. It was weird and unpleasant to walk with euros, unable to purchase anything. 

10. Freeze resistance. The Norwegians are truly freeze-resistant. Once we were riding our bikes in a storm, it was truly pouring. We could only spin the pedals, because when you go your wet clothes is not at least that cold. In the same time the locals were walking their dogs. One family with little kids was getting into a boat to fish a little. The other day when it finally stopped raining and the temperature rose to +15 degrees Celsius, we took off our sweaters. The Norwegians were cycling in swimwear! 

Twelve Interesting Facts about Norway

11. Many hills. First, you ride one kilometer up, cursing everything, and then happily rush at the speed of 70 km per hour! The same with the bridges. 

12. Wood. Everything is made of wood: houses, buildings, industrial constructions, shops, shipyards, even power plants! 

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