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Beautiful Places of Norway

The true landmark of Norway is its natural sites. The landscape of the country turns from green valleys and meadows in blossom to hills and majestic mountain ridges. Picturesque sceneries untouched by humankind attract tourists from all over the world. 

Beautiful Places of Norway


Bergen is the most beautiful city of Norway. It is also called “the city amongst seven mountains” and “gates to the fjords”. Bergen has a unique location: surrounded by the mountains and the North Sea it has always been trade and industrial center of the country. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

Bergen combines the past and the present of Scandinavia. Here you can find not only ancient buildings and monuments but the whole quarters. When you walk along the oldest quarter of Bryggen, it may seem that history comes to life. Impressive buildings of Bryggen on the eastern part of the bay astonish with its architecture. Here you may visit the Hanseatic Museum and get acquainted with history of life and trade of merchants of the Hansa.

Beautiful Places of Norway

However, the most breathtaking view in Bergen is St Mary's Church (Mariakirken) built in the Romanesque style. It is hard to believe that this outstandingly beautiful church was constructed in 1130, almost a thousand years ago! 


Fjords are undoubtedly the main attraction of Norway. The landscape of the majority of them did not change from the Vikings’ times. Travelling around the fjords is the best pastime for those who prefer active leisure. The options are numerous: cycling, hiking or even kayaking or a sea cruise. Anyway, you will remember fjords as magnificent and breathtaking place in Norway. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

Every fjord had its particular features: some are surrounded by fishing villages, other are famous for beautiful waterfalls, and still others are memorable by the luxurious vegetation. For example, Geirangerfjord is included into UNESCO World Heritage List, and Hardanger is famous for its national park. 


Eastern Valleys is heaven for those who prefer active holidays. Soft climate, large woods and crystal lakes create the ideal conditions for horse riding, canoeing and fishing. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

Eastern Valleys are famous for such attractions as the Norwegian Railway Museum, the Norwegian Forest Museum, Kongsvinger Castle, ancient churches, and the cable road. Here you may find the biggest in Northern Europe outdoor ice rink. 


The Northern Norway offers midnight sun and non-typical for these latitudes flora and fauna. Soft climate is explained by warm streams. People come here to reach the northernmost point of mainland Europe – the North Cape. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

Apart from unique climate and beautiful nature, Northern Norway is famous for its attractions: King Oscar II Chapel, Øvre Anárjohka National Park, and the Centre for Sami Research. 

Tromsø, the seventh most populated town of Norway, deserves our special attention. It is located on an island and is surrounded by fjords. The town is very busy; it seems that Tromsø never sleeps. It offers many night bars, clubs and other places, during the whole year it hosts various cultural events. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

The symbol of Tromsø is the Arctic Cathedral that by its exterior resembles an iceberg or a snow-covered mountain. When in Tromsø, visit the Geophysical Observatory where you can see artificially created northern lights all year round. 


Røros is the most magical place in Scandinavia. This small wooden mining town hidden high in the mountains is included into UNESCO World Heritage List. All the buildings are preserved from the 18th century, and some houses date back from the 12th century. 

Beautiful Places of Norway

This “wooden fairy-tale” combines coziness and harmony. People still live in small wooden houses with carved ornamented aprons; some constructions are turned into cafes or shops. 

Another attraction is a copper plant currently reorganized into a museum. Here visitors have an opportunity to go down to the real mines. 

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