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Fest of Tastes and Colors

Early autumn in Norway is pretty alike to summer, but the weather is colder and rainier. The nature colors in red, orange, and yellow. Mountains and forests are full with berries and mushrooms. If you do not like summer heat, autumn is the best time for hiking or just long walks in the fresh chill air. In September and October, the weather becomes rainier and colder, sometimes it pours. Days become shorter – it starts to get darker already in the afternoon. The closer is the winter, the colder it becomes. 

Fest of Tastes and Colors

Storms with pouring rains and powerful winds visit the coastal areas more and more often. But do not get upset by them. What can be better than sitting in a warm and cozy restaurant or a bar and looking through the window to the raging nature? 


Autumn is a harvest time. Everywhere you can see red ashberries on naked branches. The Norwegians make ashberry jam which they serve with fowl or venison. On the roadsides, you can often see children who sell apples, peaches and plums. Almost every Norwegian family has their own recipe of an apple or a plum pie. 

Fest of Tastes and Colors

The crab season in Southern Norway starts in summer. But in more northern areas it begins later. In the Fjord region people catch crabs in early autumn. Usually crabs are served boiled, with bread, mayonnaise, lemon and salad leaves. 

Fest of Tastes and Colors

Fårikål – lamb with cabbage – is a national Norwegian dish that is usually cooked in autumn. It consists of lamb on a bone stewed with cabbage and potatoes in a big casserole. This dish even has its own holiday – the last Thursday of September. If you are in Norway this day, you do not have to think much what to order! 


1. Buy rubber boots and go to the forest to pick up chanterelles. 
2. Make your home koselig, i.e. cozy. Lit up candles and set new decorations. 
3. Prepare to winter – start knitting hats, gloves and scarves, buy thermal underwear, do not forget to use fish liver oil (tran) daily. 

Fest of Tastes and Colors

4. Stop checking weather forecast to avoid getting depressed because of constant rains. 
5. Find a new hobby – knitting, card games or choir singing – and you will find new friends even in the darkest winter months. 
6. Mark the days left before December 21 – the day when the daylight becomes longer. 

Fest of Tastes and Colors

7. Go hiking to Norwegian forests and mountains to enjoy the autumn palette! 
8. Book a trip to Tromsø to an International Film Festival (TIFF) in January. 
9. Cook pumpkin soup and invite friends to Hesttakkefest – Thanksgiving Day. 
10. Buy some crabs and invite friends, or head together to South Norway and eat crabs there! 

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