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Norway On Shank’s Mare

Hiking in the mountains and outdoor recreation is a preferred lifestyle for many Norwegians. You can truly appreciate the majestic and beautiful Norwegian nature only if you explore it on foot. 

Norway On Shank’s Mare

In late spring, when the snow is gradually melting under sunbeams and first flowers emerge, Norwegians of all ages put on their hiking boots and go hiking – in the mountains, along the coast or in the forest. 

Their love to nature is shared by numerous tourists from all over the world. Norway is a country of wonderful landscapes, from sheer wilderness to marked hiking routes. Among the most popular routes, you will find the Pulpit Rock, Galdhøpiggen and Rumsdals Horn peaks, and Bessegen mountain ridge. 

Norway On Shank’s Mare

You may sleep over in a cozy hut or a tourist house, some of them were designed by famous architects. Try local dainties on the way! 


We all have various physical abilities. Some start to complain after just five minutes of walking while others look for the most complicated routes. Norway adopts the standard international color labeling, so tourists can choose a route according to their abilities. 

Norway On Shank’s Mare

Green is a simple route. It suits to everyone and does not demand any special preparation. 
Type of road: asphalt, gravel, wood trails. 
Length: no more than two hours. 
Elevation: no more than 200 meters. 

Blue is a route of medium difficulty. You will need basic skills. 
Type of road: similar to Green, however you may face some parts of the road that are more difficult. 
Length: no more than four hours. 
Elevation: no more than 400 meters. 

Norway On Shank’s Mare

Red is a difficult route. It is suitable for people in good physical condition. It demands special equipment
Type of road: paths, break stones, open terrain, hard rocks. 
Length: no more than six hours. 
Elevation: no more than 800 meters. 

Black is a professional route. It suits only for experienced sportsmen in good physical condition. It demands special equipment; you may need a map and a compass. 
Type of road: longer and technically more difficult than Red. 
No limitations in length or elevation. 


Norway On Shank’s Mare

  • Make a plan of your route and inform others about it. 
  • Make sure that the chosen route corresponds to your preparation level and to weather conditions. 
  • Take into account weather forecasts and avalanche hazard alerts. 
  • Have and equipment for bad weather conditions and frost even for short routes. 
  • Have necessary rescue equipment in order to help yourself and others in an emergency. 
  • Choose safe routs. Learn no notice avalanche risks and frail ice cover. 
  • Use a map and a compass. You should always know where you are. 
  • Do not be afraid to turn back. There is nothing shameful in it. 
  • In unforeseen situations try to save your strengths and find a proper shelter. 


You should take care of nature and responsibly use natural resources. Hiking in the mountains or cycling is a nice pastime but try to leave no traces after yourself. Wherever you are, in the open terrain or in a small fishing village, leave the place in the condition you would want to see it yourself. 

Norway On Shank’s Mare

In Norway there is an open access to nature, including National Parks. If you find yourself on an uncultivated land, you can walk there, set a tent, ride a horse, or ski. Just be careful and do not break anything. There are rules concerning specific kinds of animals and plants as well as the duration of your stay and possibility to make a fire. Do not violate them! 

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