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Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

The third part of the series will tell you about less popular but still amazing places of Northern Norway. 

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North


Right next to the border with Russia there are some interesting churches – King Oscar II Chapel in Grense Jakobselv and St. George Chapel in Neiden. You will find a Finnish and Norwegian fishing settlement of Bugøynes, a boarder road from lake Bjørnevatn to National Park Øvre Pasvik

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

Do not miss Treriksrøysa (Three-Country Cairn), the meeting point of the borders of Norway, Finland and Russia. Ytre Jarfjord offers wild nature and even a crab safari. 


Gjesvær is an old fishing village in Nordkapp Municipality in Finnmark county. It is the only place in Finnmark known from the Viking Age and is mentioned in the Heimskringla saga as Geirsver. 

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

Not far from the coast there are three bird rocks including the largest in Norway colony of Atlantic puffins (approximately 350 thousand of birds). 


Go to the miraculous Lofoten islands, pay a visit to Reine, Sørvågen, Å, Værøy and Røst. They offer a unique mix of breathtaking landscapes, fishing villages dating back to thousands of years and modern tourist infrastructure. Here you may find several art galleries as well. 


Archipelagoes in the open sea. Visit Myken and stay in a lighthouse with panoramic views. Or go to Træna for a festival – or just to buy the freshest fish! Modern history of successful salmon breeding started in Træna. Local festival Trænafestivalen is known worldwide. 

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

The islands were inhabited more than six thousand years ago and offer rich cultural heritage and ancient monuments. 


Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

"Alps in the ocean". The true Eldorado for traditional and modern types of active recreation in the wild: fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, extreme mountain skis, diving and hang-gliding. Lyngsalpene offer one of the most wonderful views in the world. 


Hamn i Senja is a picturesque fishing village with industrial history. The village was wired for electricity already in 1882. Two first in the world water power plants provided power for the local nickel mines. 


"The unknown fjord" is located on the Helgeland coast between Vega archipelago and the Seven Sisters (De Sju søstre) mountains. It is one of the most diverse biotopes in the world. People go fishing and hunting there already for nine thousand years. 

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: North

Do not miss the villages in the fjord's creek and in Bønå, where the family of a local farmer and fisherman organized a center of active recreation. 

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