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Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South

Here we are going to speak about not so popular but still amazing places to see in Eastern and Southern Norway.

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South


A coast road from Mandal to Hafrsfjord is a part of a cycling track EuroVelo 12 (North Sea Cycle Route) that goes around the North Sea and includes Shetland and Orkney Islands, Scotland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Its overall length is around 6,000 km. It is the longest marked cycling route in the world. And 250 km that take you from Mandal through Lindesnes, Lista, Hauge and Egersund are one of the most picturesque parts of it! 


Wooded hills of Tovdal and Åraksbø are a wonderful example of typical landscape of Southern Norway. Tovdal is one of the most picturesque mountainous areas here. In Hillestad you can rent a kayak.

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South

One of the best hiking routes in the region starts in Dale, takes you by the Rjukanfossen waterfall, through Stuvestøyl, Videstøyl, along the Juvass river, via Skuggefjell mountain and down to Åraksbø in Setesdalen valley. Here you will find Haugeburet, one of the oldest buildings in Norway, constructed in 1219.


Femundsmarka National Park lies adjacent to Norway's second largest natural lake, Femunden. Its landscape is largely marshes and lakes. It is a popular destination for canoeing and fishing.

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South

The park has long been a source of falcons for use in the European and Asian sport of falconry and several places in the park are known as Falkfangerhøgda, or "falcon hunters’ height". There are also wild reindeer grazing in the heights and, in summer, a herd of around 30 musk oxen roam the area along the Røa and Mugga Rivers (in winter they migrate to the Funäsdalen area).


 Along the coast of Southern Norway, from Ryvingen lighthouse to Jomfruland island, there is an archipelago of thousands islands and skerries. This is a perfect place for sunbathing and kayaking. The islands located closer to the mainland are protected from the ocean, and a canoe or a kayak is the most convenient transport there.


The Telemark Canal connects Skien to Dalen in southern Norway by linking several long lakes in the Skien watershed through a series of locks.

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South

The Telemark Canal consists of 18 locks, is 105 km long and has a total difference in elevation of 72 meters. The biggest staircase lock is Vrangfoss, which has five chambers and a lifting height of 23 meters. The riverboats Henrik Ibsen and Victoria travel with tourists from Skien to Dalen via Kviteseid.


Between the lakes Randsfjord and Sperillen you will find lake Fjorda. Its part known as Velmunden is a true heaven for kayakers. You will find plenty kayak routes among the local islands.

Best "Hidden" Places of Norway: East and South

Those who are interested in history and culture may visit Finnish settlements that are 400 year old.

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