Saturday, 15 October 2016

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

All of Norway – from world-famous fjords to amazing Lofoten islands as viewed by sheep!

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

Every summer more than two million sheep graze freely and peacefully on green slopes among stunning landscapes. These cute woolen travelers wander around green forests, picturesque mountains, emerald fjords and white beaches and sometimes can be found in the very center of Norwegian towns. 

After a strict selection, four cutest animals were chosen for a responsible role of guides who will show us Norway as they see it. In the end, these fearless travelers spend most of their time out, enjoying the landscapes. So who but them can offer the best excursion experience around the country? 

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Eric from Southern Norway 

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

Eric loves everything connected with sailing. And he is a true Mr. Chill. He spends all the time enjoying the silence and calmness of Southern Norway. Imperturbable and reserved, he prefers to spend long summer evenings on board of his schooner, moving slowly from one island to another and enjoying picturesque views that Southern Norway offers. Ashore he spends hours on one of multiple beaches along the southern coast of the country putting his hoofs into blue running waves.

Frida from the Fjord Region

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

Frida is a true adventurer and a fan of Viking-metal music. She is curious from birth and is never tired to enjoy the beauty of the Fjords Region. Frida is always ready for an adventure and she is not afraid to think out of the box – she can take a fresh shower under a waterfall or climb up to the top of a mountain to look at a stunning view on a fjord. 

Lars from Trøndelag 

Lars is a real foodie and a follower of dolce vita lifestyle. In the same time, he values traditions. He likes to move from one farm to another looking for anything tasty and even pops in the restaurants along the Golden Route of Trøndelag.

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

The region of Trøndelag has a rich history connected with the Vikings' era and Lars regularly takes part in a reconstruction of the battle of Stiklestad

Kari from Northern Norway 

#SheepWithAView – a Wonder Journey around Norway

Kari likes to sunbathe on a beach and to enjoy the natural beauties of Northern Norway. She is fit and cannot sit in leisure a minute! She likes to walk along the beaches with her hooves sinking softly in the sand and get acquainted with the surfers. In the night, she likes to rest under the rays of Midnight Sun and muse about northern lights

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