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Top Eight Interesting Facts about Norway

Norway is full of mysteries. It amazes with its untouched beautiful nature. Here independence and sovereignty are valued. Let us look at eight interesting facts about this glorious country! 

Top Eight Interesting Facts about Norway

1. Norway is considered the birthplace of the ski sport. From the Norwegian language the word “ski” means “a piece of wood”. 

2. An American film “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” was partly written in March 1979 in Finse, not far from the railway Oslo-Bergen. The territory of Finse features in the film as Hoth, a planet covered with snow and ice. 

Top Eight Interesting Facts about Norway

3. The Vikings from Norway and Scandinavia are famous as coldhearted and fearless warriors. Two-horned helmet is a renowned symbol of the Vikings. However, there is no proof that the Vikings ever used those helmets at all! Numerous Vikings’ armors were found during excavations, and just one helmet! So, Vikings’ helmet turns out to be just a legend. 

4. Finland is often called “a land of a thousand lakes”. However, Norway is a land of countless lakes (around half a million actually). And about 200 lakes occupy the territory of 10 square km. 

5. The lakes of Norway are considered the deepest in Europe. Lake Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest in Europe and is number 12 in the world – its depth reaches 514 meters. Lake Mjøsa is the largest and the second deepest lake in Norway and number 19 in the world. 

Top Eight Interesting Facts about Norway

6. It is widely known that clips of thin wire were invented in Norway. During the World War II those clips became a symbol of the Resistance and the unity in hard times. When the Nazi authorities found out about this, they prohibited to use clips. 

7. Students of Svalbard University start their studies with learning how to shoot. The island hosts many bears, and people should know how to protect themselves. 

Top Eight Interesting Facts about Norway

8. A lot of Norwegians immigrated to the United States in the end of 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries. Among famous Americans who has Norwegian roots we can name an actress Marilyn Monroe, a Nobel Laureate and an outstanding agriculturist Norman Burlag. The father of Conrad Hilton, the founder of a hotel chain, was born in a farm next to Oslo Airport. 

Norway is rich in interesting facts and curious discoveries. It is a wealthy country economically-wise, however its main achievement is an ability to keep and multiply what the country initially had – its amazing landscapes and nature. 

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