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New Facts about Norway

Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries. Thanks to its geographical position, the country possesses vast natural resources that are used extremely efficiently. 

New Facts about Norway

1. In 2014, Norway came 1st in the world economic ranking. 

2. However, the country has the highest price for gas – $2.67 per liter of quality gas. In the same time, Norway is one off the biggest oil importers in the world. 

New Facts about Norway

3. Public universities in Norway are free for students from all over the world. 

4. Popular Japanese sushi with salmon appeared because of Norwegians who created the recipe in 1980s. 

New Facts about Norway

5. Norway is an ideal place for writers. The government buys one thousand of copies of each newly published book and distributes it among public libraries. 

6. Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake in Europe and is located in central Norway. Its depth reaches 514 meters. 

New Facts about Norway

7. Vinnufossen (860 meters) is the highest waterfall in Europe and number six in the world. 

8. Norway offers one of the most beneficial systems of maternity and paternity leaves. Women can have a leave up to 44 weeks and financial support of 80 per cent of their salary or 34 weeks and 100 per cent of the salary. Young fathers have a supplementary paid paternity leave of 12 weeks. 

9. By 2012, Norwegian scientists received the Nobel Prize 12 times, including 3 prizes in economics, 3 in chemistry and 2 Peace Prizes. The ceremony is held every year in Oslo

10. Jostedalsbreen lacier is the biggest in Northern Europe. 

New Facts about Norway

11. Laerdal tunnel is the longest underground road in the world. Its length is 24.5 km. 

12. Traffic rules are very strict in Norway. Drunk driving leads to 30 days in jail, possibility to lose the driving license for a year or a fine up to 10 per cent of the yearly income. 

13. Prices for food are so high in the country that many Norwegians travel to Sweden to buy everything there. 

14. Frozen pizza Grandiosa is so popular in Norway that it can be called an unofficial national dish in Norway. According to the company's statistics, they produce 24 million pizzas per year for just 4.67 million inhabitants of the country. 

New Facts about Norway

15. Norwegian national football team is in a small list of teams that never lost to Brazil. Norway won twice and twice tied the game with the multiple world champion. 

16. The majority of Norwegians take an opportunity to go to their 4-week vacations in summer. It means that considerably less people stay in the offices or shops. That is why so many tourists wonder why almost nothing is working. 

New Facts about Norway

17. Norway receive 98-99 per cent of its electrical energy from water power plants – it is the highest number in the world. 

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