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Transportation in Norway

To take a train or a ferry? To fly from one town from another by plane? Or maybe rent a motorhome? Which transport to use while travelling in Norway.

Transportation in Norway


Because of the irregular landscape, going somewhere in Norway by train or by car takes a lot of time. That is why the majority prefer local airlines. The most popular of them are SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian and Widerøe. Planes that connect small cities are usually compact as well. During the flight, they can land several times to let passengers get off and on board. Unfortunately, plane tickets can be quite expensive.

Transportation in Norway

Curiously enough, the flights in the Southern part of Norway are less expensive than in the Northern.


A network of rails connects Oslo with other major cities: Kristansund, Stavanger, Skien, Bergen, Trondheim, Halden, Trondheim, Bodø etc. All trains have toilets and vending machines, and are considerably more comfortable than buses. It is cheaper to buy tickets in advance. Norwegian Rail Pass will help you to save a lot.

Transportation in Norway

Unlike the majority European countries, Norway does not have high-speed trains. The time to get from Oslo to Bergen is approximately 6-7 hours.


Prices for ferries vary depending on the duration of your trip. However, it is really convenient for those who travel by car. Usually ferries manage to get all the cars that queue in line on board.


The Norwegian towns are connected with multiple bus lines that shuttle even between national parks. The biggest bus operators are Nor-way Bussekspress, Timekspressen and FFR / Veolia Transport Nord.

Transportation in Norway

Every big city in Norway has its system of public transport. Trams, trains and subway in Oslo, trams and trains in Trondheim, cable road and trolley-buses in Bergen.


Taxi is expensive in Norway. It is better to take a train from the airport. Here are the names of some companies: Oslo Taxi, Christiania Taxi, Asker og Bærum Taxi, Trondheim Taxi, Bergen Taxi.


Driving by car in Norway is quite pleasant as roads are usually not busy, and drivers follow the traffic rules. Renting a car or a caravan is a good option. Do not forget about winter tires if you plan to visit the country in winter.


Transportation in Norway

Bikes are the best way to explore Norwegian landscapes. Buying or renting a good quality bike in Norway is not a problem, just do not forget about a helmet. Plan your trip in advance, take into account how mountainous landscape is and what the weather forecast says. Sometimes winds are so strong that can become a considerable hindrance on the way. Mind that it is prohibited for cyclers to pass through some tunnels.


The best hitch-hiking routes are Oslo-Trondheim (Road Е6), Oslo-Kristansund (Road Е18), Kristansund-Stavanger (Road Е39). However, his way of transportation is not widespread in Norway, and hitching a ride is not an easy task there. Remember that if you want to stop a car, stretch you hand with your thumb down, not up!

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