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Who Is Ola Nordmann

Ola Nordmann is a national personification of Norway. The name is often used by the media to describe trends in the Norwegian population. For example, a headline in a newspaper "Norwegians drink less milk" could just look as "Ola Nordmann drinks less milk".

Who Is Ola Nordmann

In caricatures, Ola Nordmann as a national personification of Norway is usually depicted as a blond man in a traditional bunad with a woolen red top hat – a traditional headwear of a Norwegian gnome or nisse. This headwear was usually worn by the Norwegian farmers.

Who Is Ola Nordmann

The name Ola Nordmann is a default name that is used in templates for various forms and documents. Ola is a popular name in Norway, derived from Olaf. The female equivalent is Kari Nordmann, and collectively they are referred to as Ola and Kari Nordmann to describe a Norwegian family.

There is another composite character called Ola Dunk that is often used as a slightly negative stereotype of a Norwegian who likes travelling but drinks too much alcohol. Drinking makes him to perform weird acts or saying something inappropriate – that is why he usually finds himself in comic situations.

Who Is Ola Nordmann

Norwegian jurists, law students and high school and university professors are familiar with the character of Peder Ås. This character of national personification becomes usually a part of a curious situation with a legal collision as a background. Among Peder's friends there are other interesting people – Lars Holm, Hans Tastad, Ole Vold and Marte Kirkerud.

Peder Ås is portrayed as a common Norwegian who manages his deals on a slippery ground; sometimes his deeds can even be qualified as illegal or unlawful. From time to time, he violates traffic rules by driving being intoxicated, or performs acts of vandalism or rowdiness. In another story Peder Ås sells inferior goods.

Who Is Ola Nordmann

Marte Kirkerud is sometimes depicted as Peder's wife, and Lars Holm – as his friend participating in all his schemes. Hans Tastad is usually connected with Peder's deals – as a supplier or his lawyer that offers dubious legally-wise solutions. Sometimes Peder Ås is depicted as a lawyer himself, and he is more successful than his colleague Tastad.

Norwegian jurists trace Peder Ås back to the nineteenth century or even earlier: he was mentioned in the documents of 1897.

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