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Norway Tours

Let us have a look at the most popular tours offered in Norway. In this article, we will discuss the offers for no longer than one day.

Norway Tours


Norway in a Nutshell is the most famous tour around Norway’s stunning landscapes – fjords and mountains. You will experience the scenic Norwegian Railways – Bergen Railway, Flåm Railway – have a look at the Aurlandsfjord, the Nærøyfjord and the hair pin bends of Stalheimskleiva.

Norway Tours

The tours are offered from May to September and are available as a day trip or as an adventure with overnight stays. You can start from Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flam. The tour is available all year and can be completed in a day.


Calm and massive giants, whales are an embodiment for our planet's fragile ecological balance.

The town of Andenes situated at the Vesterålen archipelago is one of the most popular whale tours’ points in Norway. Similar excursions start from Tromsø, Sommarøy and Stø. The season usually lasts from the middle of May to the middle of September. Some companies organize winter tours on demand.

Norway Tours

Often tourists are guaranteed to see whales: if you do not see one, you can go tomorrow again free of charge. The search is carried out with a sonar – a device that catches whales’ “talks” in ultra-sonic range. Moreover, whale safari offers wonderful views, fresh sea air and unforgettable natural beauty.


If vast snow-covered valleys, frosty air in the face and high speed lure you, dog sledding tour is an ideal pastime for you. Clever huskies are commonly used for dog sledding. On a typical dog sledding trip, they will pull you at high speed across the Norwegian wilderness.

Multiple firms across the country offer tours of varying length and difficulty. In Northern Norway Finnmark, Svalbard and Narvik are among the most popular destinations with many local suppliers. Dog sledging tours are also available in other parts of Norway. Check out Alaskan Husky Tours in Røros, Høve Støtt in Geilo, or Sirdal Husky Farm.


The Lofotens is a preferred destination for many mountain-climbers. The most used areas for climbing are located between Svolvær and Henningsvær. You can go in the mountains with your own equipment or turn to a company that offers guided climbing tours in Lofoten, such as Nordnorsk Klatreskole or Northern Alpine Guides.


Norway Tours

Nature Safari in the Lofotens takes place from mid-October until mid-January. Participants go out in large boats and rubber dinghies to look for sea eagles, seals and other local wildlife. If you are lucky, you might even see a killer whale!


Norway Tours

Ride along running roads and hidden paths. Sitting on the back of a horse you can reach far into the wilds and come close to the primal unspoiled nature. On organized tours you will be accompanied by expert guides. You can choose among indoor riding, riding trips for the experienced and for beginners, plus opportunities to hire a horse by the hour.


If you are looking for something unusual, go down the glacier caves of Svalbard. Or visit famous mountain caves of Nordland. Cave tours lasts from one to several hours and offer various levels of difficulty. Everyone can find a suitable tour in the Norwegian underworld!


Let reindeer drag you across the white valleys of Finnmark in Northern Norway. Travelling at a gentle pace through snow-covered forests and across motionless plateaus provides you with an insight into the ancient Sami way of life. If you are lucky, you will enjoy Northern Lights just above your head!

Norway Tours

Comfortably wrapped up under warm reindeer skins in your sledge, you will submerge into the silence and the beauty of the surroundings. All you can hear is the peaceful crunching of the sledge as it glides smoothly over the snow. If you are seeking for something more adventurous, speed up a little by being pulled along by a reindeer whilst you stand on skis.


Sightseeing city-tours by segways! Segway tours are the best way to enjoy the city's major sites and in the same time have fun with this unique personal transporter. Training is usually given to all riders in advance. Segway tours are offered in Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand.

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