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Top Segway Tours

A segway ride is a great way to enjoy the beautiful architecture and stunning views of Norwegian cities – and a memorable adventure as well. Let us look at top four tours in a most unusual vehicle!

Top Segway Tours


Bergen Segway offers three tours beloved by tourists.

Bergen’s Best Views 

This tour have been voted Bergen’s best Segway tour 3 years in a row among travelers from all over the world. It is developed by local experts to show all the best parts of the city while having fun.

Top Segway Tours

The tour begins right by the cruise terminal at the company's location and starts by driving through Bergenhus Fortress and it’s beautiful park. Then it continues to historical Bryggen and then to the Fishmarket. Then it drives to the Bergen Aquarium and into park Nordnes, one of Bergen’s most beautiful parks. From Nordnes it goes to Den Nationale Scene (the theatre), the Blue Stone, John’s Church, and Lille Lungegårdsvannet. Then it continues through the city of Bergen in Kalfarveien before it runs into Fjellveien. Fjellveien offers a wonderful view over the center of Bergen and the surrounding areas. From Fjellveien the tour heads back down to the city center to Bergenhus park.

Bergen Segway Experience Tour 

This tour is all about the Segway experience and the ride itself and can be adapted on request. This tour will include mountain climbing (on a segway) and park riding, and is really a fun way of seeing some amazing spots in Bergen. It will not focus on guiding, but on the experience of the segway ride. Training will be given to all riders in advance.

Bergen by Night 

This tour shows Bergen in a completely different way and in an amazing setting. It heads up to the mount Fløyen summit for a once in a lifetime breathtaking segway experience. It runs for about 2 hours, but can be adapted on request.


Top Segway Tours

The tour starts at the cruise pier next to Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall. It continues on to the Fish Market, Hartmann's pier, Sjøhuset, Otterdal Park, the guest harbor, Kristiansand fortress, the City Beach / Aquarama, Tangen, riverside Otra, the Old Town, Wergeland Park, the Cathedral and back to Kilden. Alternative routes can be created on request.


A guided 1.5-hour tour of Oslo on a stand-up electric vehicle, buzzing around the city streets and taking in some of the top local sights. The tour passes the National Opera House, Parliament, the University of Oslo, the Royal Castle, explores the Aker Brygge neighborhood and visits Akershus Fortress.


Tours Oslo offers a wonderful sightseeing tour. It is certainly the best way to see all the city's major sites on the same time as having fun with this unique personal transporter.

Top Segway Tours

Oslo Tours will start at Rådhusplassen. Tourists get an instructor and guide who himself or herself runs personal transporter with them. Orientation and training re offered about 10 minutes before departure.

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