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Winter Adventures in Northern Norway

Norway is marvelous all year round, but especially impressive in winter! Northern lights, unforgettable fishing, fairy-tale landscapes – or even surfing and diving – everyone will find something special in Northern Norway.

Winter Adventures in Northern Norway


Since 1963 there have been surfers at Unstad bay in the Lofoten Islands. Thor Frantzen and Hans Egil Krane were probably the first surfers in Norway. As young boys, they had to work on ships to earn money. The ships traveled worldwide and in Sydney, they saw and tried surfing for the first time. Back home in Lofoten they had to make their own boards.

Winter Adventures in Northern Norway

Here you can always catch a wave – a big one or a small, just emerging. The village is situated in a way that the waves move from South to North.


If you are looking for something unusual go down the glacier caves of Svalbard. Or visit famous mountain caves of Nordland. Choose a tour that fits to your preferences and physical skills!

Winter Adventures in Northern Norway
  • Aunhola: a short walk in easy terrain for 15-20 minutes. This is a large cave that is the perfect introduction to the underworld as it not so claustrophobic. It is also one of the most interesting caves in the area as it is possible to see the relics of five different ice ages. 
  • 3 caves in 4 hours: instead of visiting one large cave, you can see three smaller caves quite different from each other. 
  • The Golden Cave: the ultimate trip to the underworld. Total length 700 meters, three side tunnels at multiple levels, and a shimmering golden coating on some of the walls unique to this cave. In this cave, you will walk through the marble passage, the limestone creek, the large cavern to the small waterfall. You will then see the mountain lake and the cylinder pass-way to the three-cave cavern. 


Northern Norway is an ultimate place for diving. Clear water and rich flora and fauna make the underwater world a true heaven both for amateurs and experienced divers.

Saltstraumen has the world’s strongest tidal current. The combination of speed, strong currents, great depths and the unique marine life creates an amazing, beautiful and intense, dive environment that is very demanding in the same time. The visibility is usually very good, especially in the beginning and the end of the season.

Winter Adventures in Northern Norway

Tjeldsund offers magnificent diving conditions as well. Crystal clear water allows amazing underwater hunting – you can catch lumpfish, trout, halibut or pollack even without going deep down. But the most popular sites here are shipwrecks.

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