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Music Bands of Norway

Welcome to Norway! When you drive a car or a motorhome along vast landscapes, ride a bus or a train from Oslo to Bergen, or even cycle or hike in the wild, Norwegian music that was born among those lush valleys, curved inlets and high peaks will add a final touch to your experience.

Music Bands of Norway

We offer you list of seven famous Norwegian music bands.


Kaizers Orchestra is a famous Norwegian rock-band that was founded in 2000. Band leaders, a vocalist Janove Ottesen and a guitarist Geir Zahl knew each other from childhood and in 1991 started to play together in Blod, Snått & Juling band.

Kaizers are the first Norwegian band that sing in Norwegian and are famous in continental Europe. According to their website, "the band draws inspiration from all kinds of musical genres, and their reputation as one of the most exciting and energetic live acts on the planet stands undisputed by those who have seen them unravel on stage". 


Folque is a unique phenomenon at the Norwegian musical stage. The band founded in the 70s was one of the first to combine elements of rock and folk. Sophisticated orchestrations and flawless technique are a trademark of this progressive folk-rock band.

Moreover you can find in their music elements of blues, country, rock and roll and other music genres. The founder of the band is Morten Bing.


Norwegian underground and cynical band Black Debbath was founded by the four members of Duplex Records in the end of 90s. Their name is a reference to Black Sabbath, the founders of heavy metal.

Although you will find in their music heaviness and dark energy of primal "Sabbath" rock, Black Debbath from the very beginning chose the way of irony and parody, especially in their lyrics where they satirically present hot topics of political and social life.


Bergen Barokk was established by Frode Thorsen and Hans Knut Sveen in 1994 in connection with a concert series supported by the city arts department in Bergen and is today one of Norway’s leading early-music ensembles.

The musicians received outstanding education in historical artistic performance. Bergen Barokk has performed in festivals as Festspillene i Bergen, Philadelphia Bach Festival, Moscow Early Music Festival. Different demands in repertoire and instrumentation leads to a broad variation of participating musicians and ensemble sizes.


This band is not yet known very well outside Norway, although they still have a cult status within the country and are one of the most original groups on the musical scene.


Twisted into Form have a special place in the "heavy" stage. Their style can be called technical progressive metal with elaborate melodies, constant changes of rhythm and excellent technique.

The band was founded in 2000. Its name derives from the album with the same name of tresh-metal classics Forbidden.


One of several Norwegian bands that produced quality trash metal. The band was formed as Rebellion in the beginning of 80s.

Around 1986, they changed their name to Equinox (inspired by Sodom). And they split up in 1995.

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Norway Vacations

In Norway, everyone has a right to unlimited access to nature. It means that in the countryside you can freely hike or ski, ride a bicycle, have a picnic, set a tent or pick up berries, mushrooms and flowers. Just do not violate the rules!

Norway Vacations

Eleven suggestions for travelers in Norway.


Norway Vacations

Holmenkollen is famous for its 115 meter's ski-jump. The keeper of the resort is a huge stone troll called Kollen. Pop into the Ski Museum and then to the viewpoint – to see Oslo as a skier sees it before jumping into the abyss, or visit one of numerous restaurants. Amateurs can try tracks with low elevation, and for professionals extreme tracks are reserved!


Norway Vacations

Oslo is a unique place where you can walk on the roof of the Opera House! The building is considered one of the most beautiful in the capital. Thanks to its specific design, it seems that it stands in the water. The Opera offers an amazing view to the bay. Many locals like to hang out on the roof.


Norway Vacations

Love between a man and a woman, wisdom and hopelessness of an old age, purity and immediacy of a child – all sculptures are filled with multi-layered philosophy. One statue can have various interpretations. Maybe this is the genius of Gustav Vigeland who created the park, starting with the design and finishing with the sculpture composition


Norway Vacations

Fjords are a true miracle of Norway. Because of warm Gulf Stream, the climate in the region is soft and mild. Even in winter, water in the fjords practically never freezes. Fjords are cozily located in the northern part of the western coast. Among them are the longest inlets that are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List: the Nærøyfjord and the Hardangerfjord.


Norway Vacations

Trollstigen is a part of Norwegian County Road 63 that connects the town of Åndalsnes in Rauma and the village of Valldal in Norddal Municipality. With its steep incline of 10 per cent and 11 hairpin bends up a steep mountainside it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Norway.


The Lysefjord is famous for its natural attractions. The two major of them are situated practically in front of each other: two rocks – Kjerag and Preikestolen – are visited yearly by thousands of tourists and the Norwegians themselves.

Norway Vacations

Kjerag is a mountain plateau that rises above Lysefjorden. Its highest point is 1084 meters above the sea level. Preikestolen is an almost steep cliff roughly 25x25 meters, which rises 604 meters above the fjord. The view it offers is stunning, that is why it is one of the most famous Norwegian natural attractions.


Norway Vacations

Bergen combines the past and the present of Scandinavia. Here you can find not only ancient buildings and monuments but the whole quarters. When you walk along the oldest quarter of Bryggen, it may seem that history comes to life. Impressive buildings of Bryggen on the eastern part of the bay astonish with its architecture. Here you may visit the Hanseatic Museum and get acquainted with history of life and trade of merchants of the Hansa.


Many tourists go to Tromsø with one purpose – to see the Northern lights. There are even professional guides who call themselves "Northern lights hunters" and offer dozens of ways to observe Aurora Borealis under their strict instructions.

Norway Vacations

The best way to "catch" the lights is a car and a bit of luck. Drive far away from bright settlements, and you will be able to notice even the weakest lights. You need clear skies and the forecast of solar activity. Check the forecast a couple of hours before you go "hunting".


Norway Vacations

The largest in mainland Europe glacier can be found between Nordfjord and Sognefjord. It is a massive plateau with multiple ice branches reaching down to mountain valleys. Jostedalsbreen is uniquely maintained by the high snowfall rates in the region, not the cold temperatures. This means the glacier has high melting rates in its snouts.


When in Oslo, pay a visit to the Viking Ship Museum where you will be able to see two of the best preserved Viking ships – drakkars – from the 9th century. You will also see their tools, sledges, horse cart, and woodcarvings.

Norway Vacations

You will be definitely excited by Fram Museum that exhibits Thor Heyerdahl's authentic papyrus boat Ra, basalt float Kon-Tiki and Nansen's ship Fram.


Norway Vacations

If you want to lose in space and time, go to the Lofoten Islands. The Lofotens offer amazing natural sights, unforgettable fishing, villages hidden from popular tourist routes and stunning whale safari. Everyone will find something to do there – go kayaking among islands, catch a fish of your dreams or watch eagles hovering high in the skies!

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Norway Vacation Packages

Norway is an amazing destination where tourist can relax in a spa-hotel, try exquisite dishes or dive into adventure kayaking in fjords or crossing snow-covered valleys in a dog-sledge. In this article, we will speak about vacation packages in Norway.

Norway Vacation Packages


Arctic coast of Norway is especially popular among tourists. Imagine snow-covered peaks, small islands, cozy fishing villages and towns. Behold the unforgettable Lofoten islands, the Arctic circle, picturesque Bodø and the spectacular Saltstraumen, visit the beautifully located Tromsø and do not miss the North Cape – a rock 307 meters high above the sea level. From mid-May to late July you can enjoy the Midnight Sun!

Norway Vacation Packages

Arctic Fjords and Coastal Highlights

A 7 nights tour with visits to Oslo and Tromsø, a 4 nights Hurtigruten cruise from Tromsø to Bergen, Lofoten, Helgeland coast and Atlantic Ocean road, Fjord cruise on the UNESCO Nærøyfjord, Flåm Railway and Bergen line.

Arctic Coast, North Cape and Tromsø 

A short (5 nights) round trip from Oslo with amazing highlights of Arctic Norway, with a 2 nights Hurtigruten cruise departing from Tromsø, the impressive North Cape and calls at remote Arctic settlements. Add a night in Kirkenes, an exciting King crab or a river boat safari.

Lofoten Islands, Helgeland coast and Sognefjord

A 12 nights tour with Oslo, scenic train trips on the Dovre line, the Arctic Nordland line, Flåm Railway and Bergen line, the Lofoten Islands, a 3 nights Hurtigruten cruise to Bergen and Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord.


Northern Lights are one of the most magnificent spectacles that planet Earth performs for us. The phenomenon is quite hard to understand, and it is so tempting to believe old Lappish legends of sparks from a fox's tail or signs sent from the world of the dead to the living. No doubt, it is much better to see that stunning natural performance with your own eyes than read hundreds of over-fervid reviews. Norway is a perfect place to observe this phenomenon in the ink-blue skies. 

Norway Vacation Packages

From October through February you can chose among a selection of adventurous Northern Lights cruises, tours and short breaks. You can enjoy dog sledding, snow mobile safaris, reindeer sledge, stay in a snow hotel, or an unforgettable whale safari.

Northern Lights Safari 

With 2 nights in Oslo and 3 nights in Tromsø, Arctic gourmet dinner, dog sledding included! 

Northern Lights Cruise and a Snow Hotel

This 6 night's tour includes a 2 nights Aurora Borealis cruise from Tromsø to Kirkenes, dog sledding in Tromsø, North Cape excursion, snow mobile safari and overnight in the amazing Snow hotel in Kirkenes.


Adventure Travel in Norway: have a stay in a real Snow hotel, experience dog sledding in the Arctic wilderness and befriend yourself with clever and always enthusiastic huskies. Let reindeer drag you across the white valleys, travel at a gentle pace through snow-covered forests and across motionless plateaus.

Norway Vacation Packages

The town of Andenes situated at the Vesterålen archipelago is one of the most popular whale tours’ points. Similar excursions start from Tromsø, Sommarøy and Stø. The season usually lasts from the middle of May to the middle of September.

Winter Adventure 

This short break includes 3 nights in Tromsø, Northern Lights trip with dog sledding, Aurora Safari & Arctic gourmet dinner.

Ice Hotel Northern Lights Break

The tour includes 4 nights with Oslo, Kirkenes with 1 night at a hotel and 1 night in the amazing Snow Hotel, dinner in their Gabba restaurant, and a 5 hour dog sledding trip to the Arctic wilderness. 

Northern Lights Adventure Cruise 

The 7 nights tour includes train to Trondheim and a 4 nights Aurora Borealis cruise to Kirkenes, dog sledding and North Cape excursion. Flight return to Oslo.


The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is considered one of the world’s most scenic train rides that takes you to some of the country’s best natural attractions. Flamsbana offers you a spectacular train journey with a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. The Dovre Railway connects Oslo and Trondheim and runs through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley and across the mighty Dovrefjell mountain range. It takes you to some of Norway’s best national parks, mountains and scenic attractions.

Norway Vacation Packages

The Nordland Railway (or Northern Railway) runs between the historic city of Trondheim and the beautiful Northern town of Bodø. The 729 km long railway crosses the Arctic Circle and takes you through stunning Norwegian scenery.

Oslo, Bergen, Flam Railway and Sognefjord 

The tour includes 4 nights – 2 nights in Oslo and 2 nights in Bergen, Bergen line from Oslo to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord from Flåm to Bergen

Norway in a Nutshell 

A 5 night's tour that follows Bergen line from Oslo to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, Fjord cruise on Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, coach to Voss via the Stalheimskleiven hairpin road, train to Bergen. Return to Oslo via Bergen line.

Bergen, Sognefjord, Geilo & Oslo

The tour lasts for 6 nights – 2 nights in Bergen, 2 nights at Geilo mountain village and 2 nights in Oslo. Cruise from Bergen along the coast and Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord to Flåm village, Flåm Railway and Bergen line to Geilo. Train from Geilo to Oslo on the Bergen line.

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Places to Visit in Norway

Norway is a magnificent place with rich history and numerous natural miracles and cozy towns. We prepared for you a list of the most popular destinations in Norway from Oslo to Nordkapp. 

Places to Visit in Norway


Oslo is the capital and the largest Norwegian city with a thousand-year's history. It never fails to surprise you with diversity: Michelin-starred restaurants, urban art, theaters, and opera combined with skiing, hiking and cycling just within the city! Just remember that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world!

Places to Visit in Norway

Oslo is located at the northernmost end of picturesque Oslofjord. Forty islands of the 100 km fjord are a wonderful place for leisure and travel, and are easily reachable by ferry.

The city offers many things to do and to see, starting from the amazing Vigeland sculpture park, the Viking Ship Museum, Munch Museum, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and finishing with the Nobel Peace Center and the Holocaust Center.


Bergen is the second largest city of Norway where history rubs its shoulders with the modern life.

Places to Visit in Norway
This scenic Norwegian city is known as the gateway to the fjords of Norway. Go to visit Bryggen, listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, and take photos of Hanseatic commercial buildings, resembling the setting of a costume picture. Do not forget to attend the lively Fish Market, one of Norway's most visited outdoors markets!


Places to Visit in Norway

The Lofoten Islands offer amazing natural sights, unforgettable fishing, villages hidden from popular tourist routes and stunning whale safari. Everyone will find something to do there – go kayaking among islands, catch a fish of your dreams or watch eagles hovering high in the skies!


Tromsø, Paris of the North, is the city of contrasts. On the one hand, you will be enchanted by lovely fishing villages, fragrant botanic gardens, and crystal-clear waterfalls, and on the other – enthralled by outstanding music festivals. If you are a fan of techno or electronic music, the Insomnia festival in Tromsø is a must!

Places to Visit in Norway

Tromsø is located north of the Arctic Circle. In summer, you will be able to observe midnight sun, in winter – Northern lights.


Stavanger is the fourth-largest city in Norway. It combines old and modern in paradoxical harmony. The city history is routed back to the Middle Ages. Once Stavanger was a quiet market town on the seacoast, in time it turned into an important fishing port. Its destiny, landscape and pace radically changed when in 1969 oil reserve was discovered off the Norwegian coast.

Places to Visit in Norway

When in the city, visit Old Stavanger (the historical part), the unique Norwegian Canning Museum, and Stavanger Cathedral built in the XII century.


The North Cape (Nordkapp) is a rock 307 meters high above the sea level. For a long time the North Cape was an important navigation landmark for seafarers in the North.

Places to Visit in Norway

In summer, from the middle of May to the end of July, you can enjoy midnight sun. The average temperature oscillates from +7 °C to +10 °C. Be ready for considerable temperature drops in the daytime and at night.

Average temperature in winter is – 3–11 °C. Local companies offer various tours, including dog sledding and snowmobile safaris.


A city of fantastic beauty, Ålesund is situated in the domain of fjords, and is settled upon several islands extending towards the Atlantic Ocean. From here, you can admire a stunning view to majestic mountains of Sunnmøre.

Places to Visit in Norway

Natural beauty of Ålesund is amplified with the exquisite architecture: after the fire that destroyed the majority of the town in the beginning of the XX century, Ålesund was rebuilt in the brilliance of the art nouveau style.

Give yourself a treat and attend one of the world's largest oceanaria – Atlanterhavsparken. 


Places to Visit in Norway

Lillehammer became world famous after it hosted Winter Olympic Games in 1994. It is undoubtedly a great place for skiing and other winter sports. If you are a sport fan, try Lysgårdsbakken ski jumping hill. If you prefer less adrenalin-producing pastime, attend Maihaugen, the open-air ethnographic museum, or go on an excursion to the Fåberg village to see ancient rock paintings.


Fjords are a true miracle of Norway. During the Ice Age, the mountain inlets appeared in the western part of the country, and as the glacier moved away, they created curved sea creeks. Fjords are cozily located in the northern part of the western coast. Because of warm Gulf Stream, the climate in the region is soft and mild. Even in winter, water in the fjords practically never freezes.

Places to Visit in Norway

The best way to enjoy the fjords is from the coast and from the water – i.e. from a car window and from a ferry. Multiple tours include waterfalls, small fishing villages and mysterious grottos.

Fjords can be found in many countries, the Norwegian ones are the most picturesque. Although it is impossible to visit every fjord in Norway, you may see the most beautiful ones! 

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Fjord Cruises

A truly beautiful way to explore Norway’s pristine nature and unforgettable bays is by travelling with a cruise liner. Today fjord cruises are legitimately considered one of the most popular attractions of Norway allowing the tourists to submerge into mysterious and luring world of this country and feel as true explorers and discoverers on board of a ship. The routes may vary and often include apart from the fjords themselves stops at Oslo, Norwegian capital, as well as Bergen and Kirkeness.

Fjord Cruises

The most common cruises around Norwegian fjords last in average 7-8 days and nights. Roughly half of that time is spent on land, during excursions and trips.

In the same time, you can choose fjord cruises that include Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Poland. Such cruises last approximately for two weeks. The routes start in Germany, Denmark and Russia. The flight tickets to the starting point are not included in the cruise price.

Fjord Cruises

The price of cruises around Norwegian fjords on large liners starts from 750-800 EUR per person for a summer tour with an accommodation in a small internal cabin. The higher the class (external cabins with a window, a balcony, or suits) the higher will be the price. Usually all cabins are equipped with furniture, a TV-set, an air conditioner, a telephone, a mini-bar, and a bathroom. The difference is in size and a possibility to enjoy sea landscapes through the window or even a balcony, from a comfortable deck chair. Internal cabins do not have windows or balconies; however, they are the cheapest.

Fjord Cruises

Cruise liners offer swimming pools, spa-centers and gyms for their guests. Tourists can go to casinos, cinema theaters, discos, Internet cafés or even duty-free boutiques onboard. They can attend a variety of restaurants and cafes. Take into account that visa, harbor dues, medical insurance as well as drinks are not included into the cruise price.


Hurtigruten is a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway's western and northern coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. Hurtigruten ships sail almost the entire length of the country, covering some 2,500 miles (4,000 km), and completing the round-trip journey in 12 days.

Fjord Cruises

Departures are daily, and the vessels make frequent stops along the coast. The ships can accommodate cars, making it easy to combine the cruise with a holiday in different places ashore. 

Eleven regular ships are on the line. Each liner has a distinct style and character and no two journeys will ever be the same. Some ships were produced in 1960-80s and offer a unique retro atmosphere. However, 80 per cent of the fleet consists of quite modern vessels.

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