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Music Bands of Norway

Welcome to Norway! When you drive a car or a motorhome along vast landscapes, ride a bus or a train from Oslo to Bergen, or even cycle or hike in the wild, Norwegian music that was born among those lush valleys, curved inlets and high peaks will add a final touch to your experience.

Music Bands of Norway

We offer you list of seven famous Norwegian music bands.


Kaizers Orchestra is a famous Norwegian rock-band that was founded in 2000. Band leaders, a vocalist Janove Ottesen and a guitarist Geir Zahl knew each other from childhood and in 1991 started to play together in Blod, Snått & Juling band.

Kaizers are the first Norwegian band that sing in Norwegian and are famous in continental Europe. According to their website, "the band draws inspiration from all kinds of musical genres, and their reputation as one of the most exciting and energetic live acts on the planet stands undisputed by those who have seen them unravel on stage". 


Folque is a unique phenomenon at the Norwegian musical stage. The band founded in the 70s was one of the first to combine elements of rock and folk. Sophisticated orchestrations and flawless technique are a trademark of this progressive folk-rock band.

Moreover you can find in their music elements of blues, country, rock and roll and other music genres. The founder of the band is Morten Bing.


Norwegian underground and cynical band Black Debbath was founded by the four members of Duplex Records in the end of 90s. Their name is a reference to Black Sabbath, the founders of heavy metal.

Although you will find in their music heaviness and dark energy of primal "Sabbath" rock, Black Debbath from the very beginning chose the way of irony and parody, especially in their lyrics where they satirically present hot topics of political and social life.


Bergen Barokk was established by Frode Thorsen and Hans Knut Sveen in 1994 in connection with a concert series supported by the city arts department in Bergen and is today one of Norway’s leading early-music ensembles.

The musicians received outstanding education in historical artistic performance. Bergen Barokk has performed in festivals as Festspillene i Bergen, Philadelphia Bach Festival, Moscow Early Music Festival. Different demands in repertoire and instrumentation leads to a broad variation of participating musicians and ensemble sizes.


This band is not yet known very well outside Norway, although they still have a cult status within the country and are one of the most original groups on the musical scene.


Twisted into Form have a special place in the "heavy" stage. Their style can be called technical progressive metal with elaborate melodies, constant changes of rhythm and excellent technique.

The band was founded in 2000. Its name derives from the album with the same name of tresh-metal classics Forbidden.


One of several Norwegian bands that produced quality trash metal. The band was formed as Rebellion in the beginning of 80s.

Around 1986, they changed their name to Equinox (inspired by Sodom). And they split up in 1995.

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