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Norway Vacation Packages

Norway is an amazing destination where tourist can relax in a spa-hotel, try exquisite dishes or dive into adventure kayaking in fjords or crossing snow-covered valleys in a dog-sledge. In this article, we will speak about vacation packages in Norway.

Norway Vacation Packages


Arctic coast of Norway is especially popular among tourists. Imagine snow-covered peaks, small islands, cozy fishing villages and towns. Behold the unforgettable Lofoten islands, the Arctic circle, picturesque Bodø and the spectacular Saltstraumen, visit the beautifully located Tromsø and do not miss the North Cape – a rock 307 meters high above the sea level. From mid-May to late July you can enjoy the Midnight Sun!

Norway Vacation Packages

Arctic Fjords and Coastal Highlights

A 7 nights tour with visits to Oslo and Tromsø, a 4 nights Hurtigruten cruise from Tromsø to Bergen, Lofoten, Helgeland coast and Atlantic Ocean road, Fjord cruise on the UNESCO Nærøyfjord, Flåm Railway and Bergen line.

Arctic Coast, North Cape and Tromsø 

A short (5 nights) round trip from Oslo with amazing highlights of Arctic Norway, with a 2 nights Hurtigruten cruise departing from Tromsø, the impressive North Cape and calls at remote Arctic settlements. Add a night in Kirkenes, an exciting King crab or a river boat safari.

Lofoten Islands, Helgeland coast and Sognefjord

A 12 nights tour with Oslo, scenic train trips on the Dovre line, the Arctic Nordland line, Flåm Railway and Bergen line, the Lofoten Islands, a 3 nights Hurtigruten cruise to Bergen and Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord.


Northern Lights are one of the most magnificent spectacles that planet Earth performs for us. The phenomenon is quite hard to understand, and it is so tempting to believe old Lappish legends of sparks from a fox's tail or signs sent from the world of the dead to the living. No doubt, it is much better to see that stunning natural performance with your own eyes than read hundreds of over-fervid reviews. Norway is a perfect place to observe this phenomenon in the ink-blue skies. 

Norway Vacation Packages

From October through February you can chose among a selection of adventurous Northern Lights cruises, tours and short breaks. You can enjoy dog sledding, snow mobile safaris, reindeer sledge, stay in a snow hotel, or an unforgettable whale safari.

Northern Lights Safari 

With 2 nights in Oslo and 3 nights in Tromsø, Arctic gourmet dinner, dog sledding included! 

Northern Lights Cruise and a Snow Hotel

This 6 night's tour includes a 2 nights Aurora Borealis cruise from Tromsø to Kirkenes, dog sledding in Tromsø, North Cape excursion, snow mobile safari and overnight in the amazing Snow hotel in Kirkenes.


Adventure Travel in Norway: have a stay in a real Snow hotel, experience dog sledding in the Arctic wilderness and befriend yourself with clever and always enthusiastic huskies. Let reindeer drag you across the white valleys, travel at a gentle pace through snow-covered forests and across motionless plateaus.

Norway Vacation Packages

The town of Andenes situated at the Vesterålen archipelago is one of the most popular whale tours’ points. Similar excursions start from Tromsø, Sommarøy and Stø. The season usually lasts from the middle of May to the middle of September.

Winter Adventure 

This short break includes 3 nights in Tromsø, Northern Lights trip with dog sledding, Aurora Safari & Arctic gourmet dinner.

Ice Hotel Northern Lights Break

The tour includes 4 nights with Oslo, Kirkenes with 1 night at a hotel and 1 night in the amazing Snow Hotel, dinner in their Gabba restaurant, and a 5 hour dog sledding trip to the Arctic wilderness. 

Northern Lights Adventure Cruise 

The 7 nights tour includes train to Trondheim and a 4 nights Aurora Borealis cruise to Kirkenes, dog sledding and North Cape excursion. Flight return to Oslo.


The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is considered one of the world’s most scenic train rides that takes you to some of the country’s best natural attractions. Flamsbana offers you a spectacular train journey with a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. The Dovre Railway connects Oslo and Trondheim and runs through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley and across the mighty Dovrefjell mountain range. It takes you to some of Norway’s best national parks, mountains and scenic attractions.

Norway Vacation Packages

The Nordland Railway (or Northern Railway) runs between the historic city of Trondheim and the beautiful Northern town of Bodø. The 729 km long railway crosses the Arctic Circle and takes you through stunning Norwegian scenery.

Oslo, Bergen, Flam Railway and Sognefjord 

The tour includes 4 nights – 2 nights in Oslo and 2 nights in Bergen, Bergen line from Oslo to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord from Flåm to Bergen

Norway in a Nutshell 

A 5 night's tour that follows Bergen line from Oslo to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, Fjord cruise on Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, coach to Voss via the Stalheimskleiven hairpin road, train to Bergen. Return to Oslo via Bergen line.

Bergen, Sognefjord, Geilo & Oslo

The tour lasts for 6 nights – 2 nights in Bergen, 2 nights at Geilo mountain village and 2 nights in Oslo. Cruise from Bergen along the coast and Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord to Flåm village, Flåm Railway and Bergen line to Geilo. Train from Geilo to Oslo on the Bergen line.

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