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Best Time to Visit Norway

A trip to Norway will allow you to enjoy the severe Northern splendor and stay forever within the warmest and most pleasant memories.

Best Time to Visit Norway


Despite the fact that Norway is industrially developed country, recreation here is a synonym of ecotourism. The Norwegians are extremely cautious about their nature, which is their true treasure and honor – high blue mountains, severe rocks of mystical, enchanting fjords, national parks rich in flora and fauna, chaotic strew of mirror-still lakes and, of course, northern lights.

First, Norway attracts people with this world of untamed wild nature. Besides, Norway is inseparable from mountain skiing. Moreover, this country offers multiple opportunities for active recreation like climbing, rafting, whale safari, fishing, and hunting. Those who prefer culture and education find many curious sites in small and cozy Norwegian towns.

Best Time to Visit Norway

To conclude, everyone will find something interesting to do and to see here in Norway where tourist season never ends!


The most intense seasons in Norway are, of course, summer vacation period that lasts from May until September, and mountain ski period at ski resorts from December to March. During this time around 2 million people visit the country yearly – that makes almost a half of its population!

Best Time to Visit Norway

Tourist infrastructure is well developed here, that is why the country attracts visitors not only with its natural beauty but with high quality service as well. The majority of tourists come from Scandinavia, the USA, Japan, Australia and Spain. If you make up your mind to visit Norway in a high season, be ready to high prices!


Inter-season in Norway is cold and wet, however it is not an obstacle for some travelers who prefer to visit the country exactly at that time. They appreciate a possibility to save some money on flights, hotels and excursions.

Best Time to Visit Norway

Naturally the prices for tourist services are lower from October to the beginning of December and from April until mid-May when it is too warm to ski, too cold to swim, and excursions may become less pleasant because of the weather conditions.

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