Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Interesting Fact about Norway. Part 2

Ten more curious facts about Norway and its people.

Interesting Fact about Norway. Part 2

1. Predominantly, the Norwegians are polite and credulous people. The older generation is more pedantic, many keep traditional practices in household and business.

2. They are reserved towards foreigners, but welcoming as well. They invite you to their houses, share food, and give advice… You can make true friends in Norway!

3.  It is relatively easy to launch a new company in Norway. Just be ready to pay high taxes and remember that the locals are conservative when they choose goods and services.

4. Despite geographical proximity to Sweden, the Norwegians are the most different and unique in Scandinavia. Nature differs as well.

Interesting Fact about Norway. Part 2

5. Pets, especially dogs, are well-trained. They do not bark a lot, they are friendly and normally do not bother their owners. They are quite reserved even with each other.

6. If you have a goal to have a personal meeting with a prime-minister of Norway, you can reach it in a quite a short time. 7. You will not practically find an expensive car in Norway. In the majority of cases drivers of new S-Сlasses or BMWs Х6 are from Germany or other EU countries.

8. Roads in Norway are really good, but almost the whole regional network is one-way. Highways offer just one lane for each side.

Interesting Fact about Norway. Part 2

9. The local people are usually fit. They spend a lot of time outside or by the sea, food does not contain much fat and is of high quality. Fast food is not popular.

10. It is almost impossible to find a sushi restaurant in Norway. Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger have such cafes, in other towns you may find just one. Their quality is modest, and the price is as usual high.

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