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Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

What associations come first in your mind when you think about Norway? Not many, to be honest. Vikings, Edvard Grieg, mountains, fjords, and trolls. Below you will find some more food for thought.

Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

1. Population of Norway is less than 5 million. More than 1.5 million of Norwegians live in Oslo, the capital, and its suburbs. Every town with the population bigger than 30 thousand is considered large.

2. The nature of Norway is majestic and diverse. Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sea – and are in primal, unspoiled state. The attitude towards nature is very careful. There are practically no poachers and litter. Because of the sea, there are no mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects.

Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

3. All stories that Norway is a very expensive country are true. Generally, all goods are expensive, and services (like taxi) are even more expensive than goods.

4. Food in Norway is of excellent quality, especially dairy products.

5. Almost 100 per cent of Norwegians are connected to high speed Internet. Because of severe climate and vast distances, they spend a lot of time online.

6. Sea and fresh water fishing in Norway attracts fishing-lovers from all over the world. The country is abundant with fish. However, fishing regions are only in the North, up to Bergen. And you do not have to get a license for sea fishing.

Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

7. This is the reason why recently many Europeans started coming to Norway by refrigerator trucks. They rent the cheapest houses or stay at campings, and go fishing for two weeks in a row, providing themselves with fish for half a year ahead.

8. Supermarkets sell beer and cider no stronger than 5.2 degrees. Anything stronger – including wine – can be bought solely in restaurants, bars and Vinmonopolet.

9. Life in Norway is calm and routine. People start working approximately at 10 am and finish already by 4 pm. On weekends, only restaurants and supermarkets are open.

Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

10. Young and even middle-aged Norwegians are fond of sci-fi and fantasy as genres. Films like Lord of the Ring or Star Wars are especially popular.

11. The majority of TV shows are in English, or with Norwegian subtitles.

12. Local cuisine is simple and plain. The Norwegians are good at fish preservation – drying, salting, smoking etc.

Interesting Facts about Norway. Part 1

13. When the Norwegians drink, they clang glasses together and say "Skol!" Toasts are not customary.

14. You will not find active life out of big towns.

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