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Norway in Spring: Awake after a Winter Sleep

In May not only flowers are in blossom but the Norwegians as well. The nature virtually explodes with fresh colors. May is a time for several national holidays, and people gladly celebrate the end of cold winter.

Norway in Spring: Awake after a Winter Sleep

In late spring Norwegian nature is the most beautiful. Trees and flowers wake up from their winter sleep, snow in the mountains start to melt and revive multiple waterfalls. In the same time peaks are still covered with snow, and orchards of Hardangerfjord start to bloom. This is exactly what heaven looks like for many Norwegians.

Many people think that spring comes in the day of vernal equinox in March. However, in some regions of Norway spring comes already in February – when snow starts to melt and first flowers appear.

Norway in Spring: Awake after a Winter Sleep

However spring is not that simple. This season is capricious and its extravagance lasts until May. Sometimes days are cold and snowy, and sometimes it is so sunny and warm, that one can enjoy oneself sitting outside in the sun. And sometimes it is so windy that umbrellas get broken.

Spring is a time of contrasts. The temperature in the North and in the South of Norway can be absolutely different. Day and night temperature variation is also considerable.


Spring in Norway is a time for lamb, especially in Easter. The Norwegians are looking forward to new potatoes, asparagus and moly, as well as to fresh fish of all species, from herring to codfish. Spawning codfish, or skrei, from the Lofoten islands is considered a true delicacy.

Norway in Spring: Awake after a Winter Sleep

The spring season of palate-indulging dishes is continued by rhubarb. All sorts of pies with rhubarb are a true hit of a table in May all over the country, especially in the Fjord Region.

In spring, people traditionally emptied their barns and cupboards from what was left of winter stocks. And today corned meat and potato dumplings – raspeball – are among popular spring dishes.


Speaking about spring clothes, the best way is to rely on your own eyes. While you put on a parka and tie shoelaces, the weather will change several times.

Norway in Spring: Awake after a Winter Sleep

The weather in spring is changeable, especially in the mountains. You will need reliable shoes and warm clothes even if the weather seems fine when you go out. Layers are the best solution, and be prepared both for sun and rain.

If you walk around a town, take an umbrella with you – if it is not windy, of course. If you go hiking, put on a raincoat or a windproof parka. Do not forget a pair of sunglasses and a sunscreen. Snow may still lay in the mountains, and one may easily get a sunburn because of reflected rays of sun.

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