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Norway's Ice Hotels

If you think that only the bravest polar explorers can sleep on ice within the snow, think again. Today such extreme conditions are available for many tourist as more and more ice hotels are opening around the world.

Norway's Ice Hotels

These hotels do not need repairs – every year they are built anew; many of them do without running water and bathrooms. Warm sleeping bags for everyone are the most important. Such hotels may be chilly, but what they lack in warmth, they make up for in creativity!


It takes nearly four weeks to build this amazing hotel, but only days to melt in spring. The Bjorli Ice Lodge offers a magical winter experience, its guests are invited to stay in carefully crafted rooms of ice and snow. The frozen facility is built next door to the well-known Hotel Bjorligard and its 11 groomed ski trails.

Bjorli roughly translates as "beaver hill" because the furry, flat-tailed rodent once ruled the densely wooded banks of the meandering Rauma river which flows right by the Ice Lodge.

Norway's Ice Hotels

The mountainous landscape caters to anyone of any age. Adventure seekers relish in the rugged terrain, while those looking to relax can sit back with a near-frozen cocktail or hot coffee and enjoy the pleasant, quiet scenery. The Ice Lodge is uniquely designed with inviting arctic-deco rooms of ice and snow. From the ice bar to the ice sculptures, everything is made of frozen water. Even the beds are framed in ice but, don't worry, between the bedding and sleeping bags, most guests never complain about being cold.

The Ice Lodge has an intricate chapel made entirely of ice and snow that can seat up to 120 people and has played host to many weddings, christenings, concerts, and events.


Kirkenes Snowhotel opened for the first time in 2006, and since then has been giving its guests a wonderful experience in one of Norway’s most beautiful surroundings. It is situated in the easternmost town of Norway.

Every of 24 rooms in Kirkenes Snowhotel have a different theme from our Arctic culture or nature. The design was developed by Finnish and Japanese artists. The rooms are five meters in diameter, and they are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable night. The lighted ice sculptures give the Snow Hotel a very cozy and special atmosphere. No matter how cold is outside, the snow hotel holds a stable -4 Celsius temperature.

Guests have the tastiest three-course dinner made on the open fire, and warm themselves in a sauna. Adventures offered through the hotel include an arctic king crab fishing tour, a northern lights tour by husky ride, or a cross-country skiing tour.


The Igloo Hotel is the first one built in Norway and the second in the world. The hotel has 26 snow rooms, 4 decorated suites, ice bar, ice chapel and sculptures. The igloo hotel is one of its kind and is about 2,500 square meters large.

Norway's Ice Hotels

This ice hotel appears in Finnmark every winter from the year 2000. All exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the bar. The exterior changes every year and is thematic. In 2004 the sculptures were inspired by Vikings, in 2005 – by Norwegian fairy-tales, and in 2006 – by local fauna. The hotel has approximately 30 rooms, suites, ice gallery, and ice-chapel and is decorated with ice sculptures.

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