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Norwegian Lapland – a Journey to a Fairy Tale

Norway is amazing, it never stops to surprise. But she has a particularly magical region which is called Norwegian Lapland.

Norwegian Lapland – a Journey to a Fairy Tale

A trip to Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway, resembles a fairy-tale. Every day will bring you new discoveries and be filled with adventuress for the whole family!

During the whole winter season Finnmark offers its guests various entertainments like snowboarding, dog and deer sledding, king crab safari, Saami "spa" – bathing in a barrel with hot water under the open skies, northern lights, stay at Alta Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel made of ice and Kirkenes Snow Hotel made of snow, аs well as acquaintance with Saami culture.

Norwegian Lapland – a Journey to a Fairy Tale

Saami are the indigenous people of Norwegian Lapland. Today they settle mainly in the towns of Karasjok and Kautokeino. In Karasjok you will find Sapmi, a theme park of Saami culture, and Stalubakti magical theater. Apart from visiting the settlement, you can participate in salmon fishing, see a deer resting place and Engholm farm where they breed huskies. Go for a cruise to Finnish border. Take a look at Saami Parliament. In Kautokeino you may visit a silver workshop Juhls Sølvsmie.

One cannot leave Finnmark without being at Nordkapp! The North Cape rises 309 meters high above the sea level and is 500-600 million years old. Here you will feel endlessness and grandeur of Mother-nature. It is impossible to describe emotions when you realize that in front of you lie only the Arctic ocean and the North pole.

Norwegian Lapland – a Journey to a Fairy Tale

You just cannot go away from Norwegian Lapland and not to try local food. All cafes and restaurants offer Arctic menu where the dishes are cooked from the regional ingredients: sea food specialties of crabs and salmon, venison and partridge, berries and vegetables grown under the rays of midnight sun.

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