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Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

We travelled to Norway in July. And here are some recommendations based on our experience.

Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

Our route was the following: Oslo – Hardangervidda plateau – Hardangerfjord – Waterfalls Road (a part of RV13 that goes from Kinsarvik to the south) – Preikestolen – Stavanger – Haugesund – Bergen – Sognefjord – Ålesund – Trollstigen – Eagle Road – Old Strynefjell Mountain Road – Geyrangerfjord – Nordfjord – Nigardsbreen Glacier – Stalheim – Sognefjord. The route took us 11 days to complete.


We checked the weather forecast in Oslo, and it showed + 20 degrees Celsius. We totally forgot that it may be cold in Norway and took just several sweatshirts to get warm. In the result, +20 and cold wind made us freeze in the very first day.

Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

Taking into account changeable weather, penetrating wind, precipitation, and constant physical activity, it is wise to put the following into your bag:

  • thermal underwear (2 sets as you will sweat a lot); 
  • a raincoat – there is no use in umbrella in the mountains; 
  • training shoes with thick sole – to hop in the mountains; 
  • something warm you can put on at night, as hotels are quite chilly; 
  • a jacket from a ski suit or something similar – light and warm. 

Mind that I am writing about SUMMER!


Everything is expensive inside the country. That is why, take a mini-kettle, a pack of tea or coffee, snacks (like biscuits or chocolate). Running water is really good, we drank it too.

Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

However, do not drink from rivers or glaciers. The water is clean but ice-freezing!

If alcohol is your thing, by it in advance in duty free, otherwise you will have to pay several times more for it. Duty free is in the baggage dispensing zone in the airport as well, that is convenient.


Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

If you want to see anything interesting, you will have to walk a lot and to climb a lot. So, prepare yourself in advance, go to fitness, do some exercises in order to prepare your muscles. And by trekking sticks – they will become your best helpers!


If you wake up and see the sun, do not be glad in advance, it is possible that rain starts in a half an hour. Or it may be foggy in the morning, and sunny for the rest of the day.


Do not expect to see wow-views, like in the Internet pictures, to avoid disappointment.

Before You Go to Norway: Advice from a Tourist

Once, we climbed up to Preikestolen for 2 hours, and it was raining. When we reached the top, it was foggy. We sat and waited for the weather to clear up a bit, but in vain. Thus, we had a 5-hour-long hike under the rain and in the fog. So, views are a matter of luck.


A positive factor was a very fast Internet! We did not have problems with it. Almost all hotels we stayed offered free of charge Internet connection. Often, it is protected by a password, so do not forget to ask the code at the reception.

I hope some points I made would not make you change your mind, because Norway is worth visiting!

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